What is new in V2.4?

I noticed immediately that the little icon in the sytem tray now shows incoming and outgoing traffic. I also noticed a section that permits tyou to pick which language you want the product in (isn’t this normally something that is done at install).

Anyway, what other changes in 2.4?

What's New in 2.4? -------------------------------
  • New! COMODO Firewall brand name has been changed to COMODO Firewall Pro

  • New! COMODO Firewall Pro is now available in 13 Languages other than English
    1- Chinese (Traditional)
    2- Chinese (Simplified)
    3- Dutch
    4- French
    5- Greek
    6- Hungarian
    7- Portugese (Brazilian)
    8- Portugese (Continental)
    9- Russian
    10- Spanish (LA)
    11- Spanish (Spain)
    12- Swedish
    13- Turkish

  • New! Added an optional system tray icon animation

  • Improved! The activation does not require the user to activate the license

  • Improved! Self defense : COMODO Firewall now verifies the digital signature of its own applications

  • Improved! Application connections breakdown(In/Out traffic with correct traffic amounts)

  • Improved! Reduced the false positive rates for the application behavior analysis

  • Improved! Removed Non-TCP/UDP connection alerts until version 3.0

  • Improved! DHCP stateful analysis : added MAC address verification for the DHCP server

  • Fixed! Temporary 100% CPU utilization of Cmdagent.exe

  • Fixed! Some incompatibility problems with various applications(SSM, Avast etc.)

  • Fixed! Some folders were locked by the firewall causing unmounting problems

  • Fixed! Few bugs reported through COMODO Bug Collection system

  • Fixed! Few bugs which can cause DoS attacks against the firewall

Some Known Issues

  • In some languages, Exporting logs to HTML does not work properly
  • Help files are still in English except for Hungarian, Portuguese, Spanish

Frequently Asked Questions ?

Q1 - I am using an older version of the COMODO Firewall, do I have to uninstall the old copy and reinstall this one?
A1 - No. Users of the previous versions of COMODO Firewall, can use the automatic updater to upgrade their copies

Q2 - Can I use Language Add-ons without updating my COMODO Firewall?
A2 - No. You must upgrade your copy to version 2.4 which is the minimal release that supports multiple languages

Q3 - If I use a multilingual version, do I have to download the English version too?
A3 - No. English is the official language of the COMODO Firewall and comes with all the installation packages.

Q4 - How many languages may I install?
A4 - You can install as many languages as available as addons

Q5 - If I update using automatic updater, will my settings be lost?
A5 - No. Unless you choose a clean reinstall, by uninstalling the previous version

Source: Comodo Forum

It wouldn’t update unless I uninstalled 2.3