what is network

I am brand new to forums. I have updated comodo as requested, I now get new network detected, should I trust it, and (briefly) what is it.

Welcome To The Forum. Regarding The Question You Have Raised, The Briefing Is Been Provided Below:

After restarting, if your computer is connected to a home or work network, then you will be prompted to configure it at the New Private Network Detected! [screenshot attached]

Step 1: Even home users with a single computer will have to configure a home network in order to connect to Internet. (this is usually displayed in the Step 1 text field as you network card). Most users should accept this name.

Step 2: If you wish your computer to accept connections from other PC’s in this network or for printer sharing, then also check this option (e.g. a work or home network). This will then become a trusted network. Users that only have a single home computer connecting to the Internet should avoid this setting.

Select Do not automatically detect new networks If you are an experienced user that wishes to manually set-up their own trusted networks (this can be done in ‘My Network Zones’ and through the ‘Stealth Ports Wizard’)

You must click OK to confirm your choice. If you click on Close button, all the network connections will be blocked.

So The IP Is Nothing But Your Current Computer IP Address.

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You are behind a router. This IP has been assigned to your computer via the router.
This is a non-Internet IP address to identify your computer in your private network.

and the 255.255 etc. is what is called the mask. (whatever that is lol)

A (subnet) mask is used to group IP ranges in a network.
To see, how it works, you need to translate the numbers to binary digits. = 11000000 10100100 00000001 00000100 = 11111111 11111111 11111111 00000000

If you have another IP, translate it to binary, look at the positions where’s a 1 in the mask. If all this digits are equal to the original IP, the IP belongs to the same subnet.

So in this case, all IPs of the form 192.168.001.x belong to the network.

Since is reserved for private networks, no computer from outside will have such an IP.