What is missing from Loginpro?

Hi guys

We launched www.loginpro.com to compete against likes of logmein and teamviewer.
we aim to offer a fully featured product for free for you guys.

you can go ahead and open an account and play with it and please tell us what else we need to do.

thank you


the biggest thing i would like to see added is a way to send clients the download link

so maybe on the loginpro site after we login put a box where we can input the clients email when we hit send an automated email can be generated giving them the download link and a brief description of loginpro, who sent them the email (name and email of the sender), maybe telling the client to make note of the quickconnect username and password or ask the client to make an account to make things easier.

login pro needs a quick assist app that all the other person has to do is run it from the desktop, no install needed. Then they just give you the ID and password and all is ready to go. Having to install it on every PC is not a good idea. Or at least let the parent app be able to generate this stand alone app so that it can be emailed to the user.

it doesnt look like click and drag transfers have been added (cant test till i get home tonight) but if it hasnt can it please be added before final or close after? That is my biggest complaint about teamviewer, no easy way to transfer files with the free version.


  • 1 million I hate that in teamviwer

ok we’ll do it.

what else?

Can we have a simple audio chat in this…(no account required from the clients side, just the helper talks directly to the client, without the client needing to open another chat program)

I have been waiting for such a feature for a long time.

We can directly talk to the other guy…instead of plain text chat…which most users are not comfortable with…

Does this run as a service like TeamViewer, where in I do not need to be logged in at the remote computer to connect to it.

Please provide a way to setup a separate private permanent password besides the randomly generated one. It is the most common requirement.

Hi Guys,

  1. E-mail link, we’ll add tickets to create this.
  2. Run QuickAssist without install, yes, this one is on our list as a high priority.
  3. File Transfer, we’re working on this one too :slight_smile: Drag and drop would be nice and would be great for the HTML5 version too.

SivaSuresh, loginPro does have a login system, where you can connect to your own PCs even before Windows logon.


Any plans for near future ? It’s the core feature of TeamViewer or LogMeIn…

what do you mean? he said it does have a login system

I am sorry, I read it wrongly…

no worries ;D

What about the status of fixing “connecting to server”…I still get the same message…