What is Malware? What is Malware problem?


LOL :slight_smile:

What is Coronavirus? What is Coronavirus problem? Can we solve it with Hydroxicloroquin? According to numerous reports from reputable healthcare organizations, seems no we can’t.

What is Malware? What is Malware problem? Can we solve it with the ‘default settings’ for CIS? According to Latest SE Labs result, seems no we can’t.

If you have all those features for fighting Malware, why disable most of them ‘by default’? Is CIS becoming “default allow”? According to Latest SE Labs result, seems yes, for those with NO knowledge to modify it’s settings.

And please don’t come with the usual “to avoid false positives” answer since Comodo do have a HUGE Trusted Vendor List of more than 100,000 Trusted Vendors. If something is not in this List then it is probably Malware, then why go all easy against it?

Kaspersky, ESET, all other vendors also suffer from this problem in being weak at default settings. Maybe the AV industry thinks that people without knowledge/time/will to go deep into their Security Software Interface and modify things for proper protection, deserve to be infected?

Comodo Firewall has always been “default allow” at default settins (check attached picture taken from here General Firewall Settings, PC Firewall, Firewall Protection | Internet Security).

Many users have requested to add the configuration choice upon installation, but it has never been done.

Again, after this https://forums.comodo.com/news-announcements-feedback-cis/why-comodos-antivirus-security-is-different-t125729.0.html, another message completely opposite to what usually advertised… so, the new message is: better to have an anti-exe than a sandbox.

Well, at least I’m happy to see that what I’ve been telling for years (block unknowns instead of virtualize them) now is officially recognized as the best approach

I agree with you 100% hahaha, but let’s keep silent about it, the reason I will tell you by PM. :slight_smile:

You have a great potential of security suite, it would be enough to implement some features, increase the detection rate and reduce operating bugs and it would become the TOP in the field of protection. :slight_smile: :wink:

block unknowns instead of virtualize them once virtualized(running) they sometime find ways to escape it so blocking is the best
but cis is not simple anti exe

it is already when you configure with little patient