What is Internet Security Essentials?

I was testing Comodo Cloud AV few days ago and removed it afterwards. Today, I’m working with computer, using some other solution and all of a sudden Comodo’s installer/updater invokes UAC out of the blue. Then I checked the folder and it was “Internet Security Essentials” by Comodo. What is this thing? Some component of CCAV or CIS that somehow remained on my system dormant and it just launched all by itself? All Googling only showed me Comodo Cleaning Essentials, but no Internet Security Essentials. Huh?

Please read the changelog carefully
It came with Comodo Cloud Antivirus 1.3.395640.279…

Ok, but why was it there after CCAV has already been installed and more so, why it launched all by itself out of the blue?

It is for the user choice. Some users wants Security Essentials features but some of them don’t.
So thanks to Comodo, they give us the choice to keep it or uninstall it.

But after uninstalling CCAV, ISE must be uninstalled too. Please ask this on release thread. Maybe it is a bug? It must be uninstalled with CCAV. I do not know that it can work seperately from CCAV.

There is/was no entry for ISE in Programs and Features panel… So it’s not exactly a “choice”.