What is Heur.Suspicious definition

What is Heur.Suspicious definition in the Anti-Malware Database? ???

they are signatures that are created automatically by the servers based on this http://camas.comodo.com/ they have a tendency to have higher FP but they also catch a lot of new malware too.

Thank you very much for reply. If comodo antivirus catches something with heur.suspicious definition what should we do ? How can we be sure that this is really suspicious file?

I would submit the file to virus total and see the result if it is unknown.


I’ve been receiving a number of alerts regarding a file named “Heur.Suspicious[at]111771918”. My Comodo is version 4.1.1503… and the Virus database is updated to 5282.
It was located in C:\WINDOWS\Temp folder. After cleanup, there is still a file unable to delete “Perflib_Perfdata_478”. Comodo don’t recognite it as virus & don’t clean it. It was not possilbe to delete also in Safe mode.

Do I have to worry about something?

Thanks in advance for your help.

Einars from Latvia

have you tired to run CCleaner in safe mode, that usually removes those leftover files.

yes, I tried to run CCleaner in safe mode, but now “Perflib_Perfdata_600” is still here.
I’m not sure, that this file is source of “Heur.Suspicious[at]111771918” viruss.

Comodo is finding more & more “Heur.Suspicious[at]111771918” viruses.

from my research it could very well be a real virus not a false positive. Try downloading malwarebytes ( free version ) and doing a scan with that, the reason that file might be able to be removed yet is becasue it is in use and comodo’s cleaning ability is not up to par yet.

download malwarebytes Welcome Malwarebytes users - CNET Download

install it and update it.

Temporary disable comodo AV and do a full scan with malwarebytes, remove anything it finds and reboot. Can you also provide me a log from malwarebytes when done? Thanks. Then re-enable comodo AV.

If you are having trouble deleting something trying using a program called Unlocker. It’s Free and has worked great for me in the past with things that would not deleted for me. you can even move thing to other areas of your computer or rename a file if your operating system won’t let you… but the main thing is that it has been able to delete EVERYTHING I’ve needed it to delete so far… I’ve yet to come across a file it can’t delete… there are also other programs if this for some reason doesn’t work which i have no idea why it wouldn’t you can msg me and i’ll refer you to another great program that can delete anything.

you can find it just by going to Google typing; Unlocker & then clicking search (or hitting enter or course)

i have lot of really GREAT programs to recommend if anyone is interested. I also know of great site you can use to see if there are any problems and or virus or something with a program you have or are interested getting (like ShouldIRemoveIt.com & others)
people have helped me in the past, i’m just looking to do the same for others…


I hope it all works out for you

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