What is happening to our Forum?

I joined the Forum back in Sept 2010, not long ago at all. When I joined the Forum it was a very friendly, helpful, and courteous place to be. Everyone from all walks of life and any amount of Computer knowledge were accepted equally. I know that conflicts and disagreements will always be in our life, but lately I have noticed a loss of some of the Forums qualities. I have noticed arrogance, big headedness, intentional niggling, bragging, Forum policies being broken and etc (Note I do not mean all Members). I really think the way certain Topics have been discussed lately could possibly turn people away from using Comodo, people that may have otherwise installed and enjoyed and reaped the benefits from Comodo. I remember back when I got enough post count, My position changed to Comodo Family Member and that does give a warm welcome. Just lately I am not sure if a New Member will feel that same welcome especially in certain Topics unless we all get together and make it friendly place again. Whether you are a highly educated Computer Specialist or Someone that has hardly any Computer Knowledge, a New Member or a long term Member please help make this Forum a socially friendly place to be just the way it was when I joined not that long ago. With a friendly Forum everyone will benefit from the users, members and Comodo. Thanks.
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I swear if this weren’t comodo, I would be out of here in a flash.
that’s how much I love comodo.


we should come to know each other and appreciate what we all have, instead of making differences in culture, background, etc. etc… a hurdle, let’s bundle all of these into one powerful human-self, there’s always
a point of understanding and appreciation, and there will always be differences, but again that’s the power human possess …

Happy new year captainsticks , & all and everyone

I am not sure that arrogance is a privilege either in proportion, or in inverse proportion, of one’s number of posts.

We have seen this kind of behavior from newcomers pretending to be in a difficult economic situation (how to check is another question) and insulting everyone to get CIS paid options for free, altough the “advantages” of such options are not clear to elder users, and not used by their large majority.

But we also see “experienced users” (assuming that quantitative can in any manner be related to qualitative) insulting other ones as soon as the latter write whatever words suggesting any inconvenient of CIS (“Trolls”, etc.)

An insignificant number of these writers are indeed “Trolls”, which does not mean that every discussion should degenerate with such “arguments”.

We “experienced users” indeed need to allow ourselves to continue whatever fair discussion with fair, relevant and courteous arguments.

But i am probably not the last one to be sometimes discourteous when someone, again and again, writes the same questions showing he or she hasn’t ever read the forums before: courtesy when joining a forum starts by reading what is being said, how it is being said, and search for it before writing anything: it is an implicit rule of whatever forum.

In these conditions, CIS forums worst ennemies are probably those CIS users themselves writing agressive words about third-party softwares, and being clearly encouraged to do so by the administration of this same forums: such a blind “fanboyism” (along with translation insanities i am fighting against, they are very unprofessionnal) is the best way to discourage newcomers to good products, already largely connotated on the web as a “sect” on this behalf.

Please note that i am myself to be seen as an “experienced user”, altough the number of things i wrote does not keep them to be as many insanities, and that i only use CIS as resident security softwares (excepting Avira free on my CIS 3 partition with CIS 3 without AV, my CIS 5.3 partition is CIS 5.3 full):
For those ready to write about “trolls”, if i am one, i am an “inside” one.

I am sorry it happens, but there is nothing we can really do about it, some users come here for one purpose only.

We could ban them on their first post, but we do not, everyone is free to say what they like whilst they do not break the forum policy.

We all want a free and open forum where you can ask anything about any product you like and will recieve help if needed.

I am sorry but this will happen topics will be opened or posts made for one purpose, it has happen in the past and will happen in the future.

Please accept my apologies for any distress cause by the recent events, and I hope you will not leave the forum because of this.

Best Wishes


Thank You very much Dennis2

I really appreciate and respect your comment, it’s just the kind of comments you would expect from any sane
logical Human, let alone someone with the common sense to respect people and the ever lasting state of the right to be different and and be able to choose the way an individual life is lived or a certain practice is embraced. Creating bases for hate and and globalizing it is nothing but an intentional way of creating hate and intolerance for a purpose hidden, or otherwise clear, and the latter is only visible in That particular environment where such purpose is the main engine that lead to creating that circle in the first place, .
Creations of such behavior in non-hate environment is the fuel that provides sustainable fuel for that propose
-of fueling intolerance- , to say the least , otherwise it’s just a way of being hateful, and living by this code …

I didn’t need to sign up with Comodo when I did,(I was sure with this global community of users world wide will certainly have my issues and provide the answers I need, without having to sign up ) I just wanted so, or maybe it’s one of the ways that I thought I could show my support and appreciation for Comodo, and I certainly am not sorry that I did, I just will not accept a group I so much respect to be hurt, not as long as I have a way of compacting that, even if the only way to accomplish this is by not being present as a forum member…

As for Comodo staff and most members , I have nothing but respect, and some of you guys , like I found about you now Dennis, I just love, it’s easy to be nice, respectful, loved , honored, all you have to do is be smart , difference is a green power, why demonize it???

again thank you very much Dennis,
Thank you Comodo
Thank you all

in some way, we are family, we are Humans

Excellent initiative! Welldone and end users will be grateful to you guys!


Whether we are black, white, yellow, red, green, pink or another color, whether which religion we have if we have any, whether culture we are from, whether we think or not, whether we have different opinions or not: We are all humans and therefore we must also respect each other and be polite to everyone all over the world whether they deserve it or not. It isn’t always easy to do that but we can do it.

Nothing good would come out of angry feelings. Ever.

unfortunately the power of the internet gives people a medium to express whatever feelings they wish without ever having to face the consequences.
We can say whatever we want within reason as we dont have to be face to face with anybody.
Things that we say on the internet may not always be the same things we would say to people in person.

Yep, we are all equal and none are more “evolved” than anyone else. Right?

Quite true.

captainsticks, I’m afraid I don’t see much difference in the forum community. There have always been the people who like to argue, the people who (willingly?) misunderstand what you say, the fanboys, the people who can’t take a joke, the people who try to be funny but aren’t (me), and the people who like AVG. :stuck_out_tongue:

To Dennis. Thier is no personal apology required by you, but if your apology is on behalf of the Forum in general I would also like to join in with that apology. Thanks Dennis. Hope that made sense.
My worry was if some things continued the way they were going in the Forum was that if Members got distressed or whatever enough to leave the Forum, they would also leave Comodo products. Then everyone misses out. Thanks again and Kind regards.
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To Peacewave Happy New Year back and thanks.
To Thunderbear +1 Being polite and Respect each other, yes we can. Well done.
To Darren +1 We should all treat people as if we are talking to them in person.
To LaserWraith You are ok. Being a long term Member like youself I understand why you have seen things in the past that I have not. People who try to be funny but not, are still funny in themselves.
Thanks and kind regards to everyone.

I assume that I am the one bringing problems and chaos. I am sorry. I am trying to be a very nice and kind troll)


No it is not you Valentin, you don’t come across as a trouble maker to me in any way. It is really no one in general. Thanks

[at] captainsticks, peacewave, brucine et al,

Thank you all for taking the time and trouble to post your thoughts here.

Your concern for the community and the honesty of your postings will hopefully make others (myself included) re-examine the ways and methods they use to interact with other forum members.

Ewen :slight_smile:

While I generally ignore trolls as long as they don’t cause any major issues. But I’m going to pay more active attention to the trolls.

We are all humans and therefore we must also respect each other and be polite to everyone all over the world whether they deserve it or not. It isn't always easy to do that but we can do it.
+ 1

Feel free to PM a mod about users causing problems. No point in arguing with a trouble maker, after all this is the internet. There easy to ignore. By giving them your attention, you just make them happy. <—So don’t make them happy, just ignore it.

Also important*****
Also If you feel someone’s post needs to be edited, PM a mod too!!! We can do that :slight_smile:

Yes; This is almost like a college; You can ask questions and learn, you can go out side and just chat; and if someone is being mean or is causing irritations/issues then just PM a Moderator; and if its a mod, just PM another mod…

Remember; Here is a list of the Moderators

Just take 5 Deep Breaths and sometimes go brush your teeth to feel better and then come back and look at it in a different mind set…

Hope all goes well in the future :smiley:


Hello, quick question to mods: If I see something I think shouldn’t be written, should I PM the poster and wait indefinitely for a reply and possible fix, or just report it to the mods?

Depends on the severity of it;
I would suggest PM’ing a mod in all cases;


Hello all

Melih: I said before that what you do will appeal to people to support you, it’s just a moral stand
…you’re doing a great job, and I didn’t need to say that, I could be just using your products and not say anything about it.I may not be able to support you the way I really feel you deserve it, but the way that is possible to me, and the reason why I signed up is to offer what I can do, I wanted to offer to translate a product, but I found out later that other guys and probably more qualified in the field offered their help to.

MODs in this post:
Now I understand that people have different reasons wanting to be MODs, and in COMODO it’s a privilege, and a recognition of the ability and criteria of that person, but when MODs go beyond the call of duty, or better yet raise the moral, personal,professional, etc. etc. standards, they deserve nothing less respect and appreciation , one more +1 for COMODO, your MODs are you guys.
Dennis2 I don’t know what to say, I tip the hat for you and I really feel humbled by what you said in your post, and I love what captainsticks said:

To Dennis. Thier is no personal apology required by you, but if your apology is on behalf of the Forum in general I would also like to join in with that apology. Thanks Dennis. Hope theat made sense.
, and it certainly made a lot of sense Captain, :-TU

Jacob:You already know how much I respect you, and your light, professional comrade soul, Thank you

panic: Words fail me, COMODO needs more than a MOD, they need a leader, I see that they are not short on that at all… and I will not accept any less from the COMODO I aapreciate…

other MODs: Your work and presence is highly appreciated, I so highly understand the efforts you take to answer to everyone, and be there for every question, I so understand it , that I hesitate a 1000 times to post a question thinking that some poor user some where is so distressed that they deserve their questions be answered first. Like I said I understand there are many reasons behind wanting to be a MOD, but I speak of what is most important to me, living up to the standards and taking them a notch higher every time, that I respect., and I see a lot of that…

Maybe my posts are not a good indicator on how truthful I am about wanting to help, but they’re only so
because I know my limits, and I don’t just talk for the sake of it, or when being observant is the right way to go about things. Being respectful to oneself is recognizing that there are people in the forums who can do a better job addressing an issue, tackling it, or just talk about it, one thing I cannot help but wounder about and get involved; I don’t understand why other companies -instead of going about their duties, making their work speak instead of their mouths, simply improving their business and addressing the issues their clients face - they come to COMODO, and can’t leave a trouble switch unturned, … Just be smart, be better , show others you got something, I don’t support COMODO just because I want to, - well, maybe a little bit ;D, but I support them because they deliver m and they know that a lot of work lies a head,They are simply raising the standards, and getting everyone involved in Internet security . At least have the decency to acknowledge this and compete honorably …

you all have the best of times …
I do not know who you are guys, I don’t know your believes, background, ethnicity,lives, nothing at all of this sort … it never mattered to me not here , not anywhere, because you know what?? I am not blind thank God, I see colors, and I love them all, and I only demand the same respect. If there should be some people who are so poor as to not be able to look at the positive things in being different in any way, and not holding that as a negative aspect against those who are different from them, well… that’s there problem, But , they should keep it to themselves because should we take up their point of view they will be the ones who loose in the end, because acceptance and tolerance is the right way to go about things; embrace their intolerance and they’re left only with the worst of their choices ever …

What a mildness; almost make one weep

. In this topic a man which spit on asphalt will feel oneself as a serial killer >:-D

Danger which is about someone to abandon software because… forum of software vendor is supposedly below some moral standards? To my opinion, this “danger” is a “storm in a glass” to say the least.

As i’m here being registered more than 3 years (although frequently missing for months) forum always changes because alive people and their (not always good) emotions involved in a dynamics. I definitely do not say forum becomes better or worse, it just becomes different than before.