what is default action for unanswered firewall popup

If I get a CFP3 firewall popup (allow,block,treat as…) and I don’t answer it, and just let it sit there, after a while it goes away. What did it do in that case? Did it allow or block?


It blocked but didn’t remember. But that may stop your overall progress too.

im not too sure on this either. I would assume it blocks the app, but i never understood having a time limit on how long they display anyway. To avoid this, just set the alerts to time out at 2000000 seconds. Setting it any higher than 2 million had a weird effect on one of my pc’s where the alert only stayed on screen for 1 second.

As sded said, it blocks unremembered.

Alert timeouts: 2 million?!? Wow… I suspect the developers never imagined that somebody would enter a number that big. Actually anything greater than the Windows (or application concerned, not CFP) timeout is probably futile & would result in whatever it was being blocked (timed-out) anyway… unremembered (mainly since CFP didn’t do it).

2 millions seconds ~ 23.14 days

Someone took that long to decide on a CFP alert? :o