What is deal with Neustar, collecting "secure" data?

I just installed IceDragon, latest version.

What I found out is that IceDragon connects to using DNS port, that is address for Neustar - Real Intelligence. Better Decisions as they have slogan at their site:

Now this Comodo Secure DNS feature should be connecting to completely different IP addresses, that is feature that was one of the main interest for me.

However now I’m suspecting that “secure” in this case is secrecy where Neustar collects that intelligence data to be sold for companies as they advertise on their site, is this so?

Of course there is no free lunches, but if there is such connection it would be nice to tell about it so people don’t get turned away from the product that seem to work rather well otherwise.

How about other Comodo products, do they phone for Neustar too, what kind of data Neustar is collecting? From DNS they can of course analyze quite bit.

Maybe I’m just paranoid, but when you are attempting to avoid companies collecting your data and finding out product marketed as secure, one does not except it to call to company having slogan “Real Intelligence” at their front page.

Or from http://www.neustar.biz/enterprise/ip-intelligence#.UumYVyUerh4

We utilize patented, proprietary technologies to ensure complete and accurate data collection, tracking and mapping routable IP addresses worldwide.

Now who are those poor guys whom IP addresses they are talking about, us, who use Comodo IceDragon and perhaps Dragon browsers, maybe other Comodo products?

Smells fishy here, call me paranoid, but I’m very skeptical and suspicious from all this, is there a way that you can explain this for it-professional and disperse suspicions?

Ok, perhaps question was bit difficult, let’s try another one then.

Why, when I’m attempting to install or remove software, after installation of Comodo Ice Dragon, my MSIEXEC.EXE is attempting to connect to crl.comodoca.com?

I certainly did chose NOT to use malware filtering DNS and my internet settings are not showing such as are not setting of ice dragon, also why browser would have anything to do with installing or removing other apps.

I don’t use currently other Comodo products either.

It does not make much sense, but when I block that connection windows installer fails to operate, so what things Ice Dragon has messed up with my machine?
Certainly I don’t want windows installer to phone Comodo each time I install or remove some completely unrelated application.

Look here .
Maybe will give an explanation.

It is checking the certificate revocation list of Comodo to see if a cert signed by Comodo is not revoked. It is legitimate traffic.