what is dateinj01.dll

My Comodo is always asking me about file dateinj01.dll located in C:\users\name\Appdata\local\temp.

Even if I remove/approve it, upon restart it’s always there (in Comodo list waiting for action to be taken)

If I block it, I have over few hundreds of attempts by this file.

Any idea what is it, is it part of some app, or I can remove it?


See here: dateinj01.dll Windows process - What is it?

I already saw that, thanks. One can assume it has something to do with Adobe AIR, which I had installed, but after uninstalling it, it’s still there.

Tried MalwareByte, SAS, NOD32 none of them found file suspicious.

If I block it in Comodo, then Defence shows: Defence+ has blocked (few hundreds!) of this file attempts

File properties shows also nothing.

Any idea?

EDIT: I have deleted the file, but upon restart it’s recreated!

EDIT2: stupid me 88) , this file was made with RunAsDate app I’m using. Sorry folks!