what is CTM defragging?

CTM has an option to defragment volumes. What does it actually do? Defragment files like a normal defragger or just get the snaphots together?

Compact/defrag the snapshots, which can’t be done by third-party tools, as they’d see space used by CTM’s snapshots as unused/free space.

So there is no possibility to defragment a drive when CTM is in use. Normal defragment-programs doesn’t work and using them can be risky to the CTM system.

Hey Jask

no. uninstall CMT, defragment your disk and install CTM again.

Valentin N

Given that the “file system” you’re actually using is the CTM snapshotted “file system” and CTM can defrag this, this is absolutely no benefit to uninstalling, defragging the physical file system and then reinstalling.

As soon as you reinstall CTM, it creates a snapshot and, from that point onwards, the snapshott is is the file system that is in use.

Ewen :slight_smile:

That was new. i didn’t realize that I am using a snapshot instead of the original file system. i always thought the snapshots are hidden files stored somewhere. Then if Comodo is defragmenting the current snapshot it is defragmenting the file system I am currently using. Nice.

As far I know, CTM can’t do that. Only free space of the logical snapshot is recovered.
No files rearranged at all, so, no defragmentation is really done by CTM.

As far I know, this is the ONLY way to defragment the disk ::slight_smile:

The problem is that, assuming you uninstall CTM defrag and then reinstall CTM, as soon as you use CTM, the physical file system (the one you just degragged) is no longer in use.

I can see your point, but I really don’t see the benefit.

Why defrag a file system that isn’t in use?

Ewen :slight_smile:

Ewen, the file system is always the one that exists and it’s on use, i.e., if in a particular snapshot the file is fragmented, then it is fragmented, otherwise not. It’s a very good thing to have the most defragmented baseline you can.

I’ve been having low disk space problems and defragging seems to make little difference. I’ve now got a USD connected 320gb external drive with plenty of space but I can’t see how I can persuade CTM to use that. Any advice would be much appreciated.

CTM only supports IDE, SATA and SCSI hard disks ( and SSDs with TRIM off ).

If you use CTM’s compact function without deleting any snapshots you won’t actually free up any space. That’s why you said " defragging seems to make little difference ". Defragmentation only linked to rearrangement of files in order for reading of data/files to be more efficient, it has Nothing to do with claiming back extra free space !

You may consider " Resetting Baseline " or delete as many snapshots as you can in order to claim back " free space ".

I do delete snapshots more than 2 days old. If I am unable to use my USB external disk can you please tell me how to get CTM to use my second SATA drive (F:) which has 56gb free.
Otherwise would it be desirable to partition one of the drives in order to dedicate a partition to CTM? If so what would you advise as a partition size.

I would be better if you only have one or two just like have. try to move unneed file such as music files and video file to your external hdd

Valentin N

You need to provide more info. regarding your computer setup, like how many HDDs you have on the computer… the size of the HDDs and how are they partitioned… How big is your system partition… and when you installed CTM how much free space was there on the system partition ( assumed you used CTM to protect your system partition Only ! )

p.s. what OS you used ? single system ? which version of CTM was being applied ?

I have 2 SATA HDDs.
System drive (C:) is 70gb with 26gb free, a second partition of 47mb and a further one of 3gb. This is as delivered and installed by Dell.
The second drive (F:) is one partition of 74gb with 56gb free.
Operating system is XP (SP3).
I’m not sure how much free space when CTM when installed but I guess it would be at least 10gb.
I am protecting both the drives, wrongly I guess, but can’t see how to “unprotect” my second drive.
CTM 2.8.155286.178 is being used.

try 2.9b instead and follow my tip in my previous post :slight_smile:

i recoment you to uninstall CTM,
move all you user folders to F: (documents,music,videos)
move all multimedia to F: (dont leave anything usable in the system partition)
install CTM 2.9b, to protect only C:
if you forgot any user folder CTM can move it for you to drive F:

now you should never have space problems, because C: is only used by windows, and windows modify about 600mb per day (if the pc is always on), in 26gb free you should be able to keep more than 20 days of snapshots without any problem

Hi… Thommo, I think you need to uninstall CTM first as the gentlemen had said ( before uninstallation make sure your system is working normally ). Then install CTM again preferably version 2.9beta ( found in “Beta Corner” ), use it to protect your System Partition C: ONLY.

As most people who install CTM would use it to protect their system partitions in case of a system foul-up.

p.s.before reinstallation of CTM you may also defrag your system partition with Defraggler etc.