What is CPF3 Blocking? [Resolved]

This one is just puzzling. I’m sure it’s not a bad thing that it’s blocking something just curious what it is. Is it blocking important communication with my router?

See attached image of Trusted Zone and the alerts I’m getting.

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IANA says that port 162 is SNMPTRAP-are you running SNMP on your network? Probably should allow this if you are.

I looks like the OP has the router set up to broadcast ( SNMP trap data. If the OP doesn’t have a client listing for this information the correct thing to do is turn off the trap in the router. If the OP does have a client running on another system then a global rule to block the traffic silently might make sense.

I am using CFP3 on a Win XP Pro system.

I had similar entries in my FW log (as posted by OP), I tried allowing the blocked IPs under WOS in Application Rules, but that did not change anything, then I removed the WOS entry from under Application Rules altogether and added the following two Global Rules (based on the specifics in my FW log) and the log entries went away.

Now, I do not know if I did good or bad, but here are the 2 Global Rules that I made:

IN/OUT - -


I do have a wireless router set to broadcast, that is how I connect to the internet.

Please advise if what I did is good or bad and why.



After much web research and looking at all the tabs on my router page, it turned out to be that was the IP Address for my Linksys Reporting. Turning off the reporting stopped the alerts coming through.

The only one I’ve had since is a

Windows Op Blocked UDP Source: 53 Destination Dest: 1036