What is ComSvcConfig.ni.exe? Is it safe to allow these requests?

Today there are numerous defense+ pop up about this file I never seen it before is it safe?

If, what you are seeing is the same as these:

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Trojan Horse - sheur2.QNA - PC Pitstop Forums

It’s possible you have a problem…

Post some more details, if you can.

Thanks for the reply I’m not seeing anyhting funny with my PC yet.

Though it’s listed in this site


So it may very well be Vista file

Does the list list virus or Vista legitimate files?

I think it lists Vista legitimate files. Am I wrong

is your file ComSvcConfig.exe or ComSvcConfig.ni.exe?


I think both are listed as legitimate files for Vista


Seeing as it started recently, it’s possible that it’s a malware, assuming that you have been using Windows Vista for a while. System files shouldn’t just start to do things randomly.

Try uploading it to VirusTotal, and see if it returns as clean or infected.

What do the alerts from Defense+ say (file modification, memory access etc.)? Do you remember doing anything special when those alerts started to appear?

Try submitting it to Comodo Instant Malware Analysis. What is the verdict of CIMA?