What is Component Monitor security tasks? [Resolved]

Goodday to all,

Last week I have installed Comodo Firewall and now I have some questions, the first time, regarding the Component Monitor.
My OS is Windows XP Home SP2, IE7 is my browser and I am connected with the internet through a router. I have the following security applications: NOD32, Windows Defender and Comodo Firewall.
I think the following areas are defended by these measures:
The router is monitoring the incoming internet traffic,
Windows Defender is monitoring the OS and IE7,
Comodo Firewall is monitoring the outgoing internet traffic and
NOD32 is monitoring incoming virusattacks.

At certain moments I wonder whether these application are interfering more or less with one or the other with a negative effect on the performance speed.
For instance I wonder whether the Component Monitor of the Comodo Firewall in certain way is doing the same as Windows Defender.
I have noticed that if the Component Monitor is disabled, the performance is faster.
My questions:

  1. What is the security task of the Component Monitor?
  2. Do you also think that Windows Defender is also performing the same tasks?
  3. What are the negative effects on the Comodo Firewall performance if the Component Monitor is
    disabled, but the Application Monitor is running?

Thank you.

Hi and welcome,

The componant monitor monitors parts of an application. Here is a good definition from CFP help file:

A component, when loaded into application’s memory, acts as a part of that application hence having the same network access rights as the application itself.

Comodo Firewall Pro now validates all the components of an application before granting the Internet access. These components may be dynamic link libraries or ActiveX components that an application is using.

Component Control Rules can be added, removed and applied via the Component Monitor.

Windows Defender does monitor applications and their componants, but in a different way than what CFP does.

By disabling any part of any security software you are likely to improve performance it’s just a matter of deciding which you would rather have - better security / better performance.

By disabling the componant monitor of CFP each comonant will be treated as a seperate application and you may need to grant permission for them rather then CFP automatically granting it for you based on application rules - and thus, this may dramatically increase the number of popups you receive from CFP.


Hello Mike6688,

Thank you for the reply and your explanation.
I will wait a while before I decide which option to take. :THNK

You’re welcome :). If you have any further questions feel free to ask. :wink:

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