What is Comodo's "Sending usage data" App?

Last night I was running a CIS update when I noticed 2 tasks running in the Comodo Widget.

I am used to seeing one (the Cache Cleaner) so I clicked to see what the other one was. It said “Sending Usage Data” (or “user data” can’t recall exactly what it was).

What exactly is this Comodo app doing and what sort of data is being transmitted to Comodo?

Couldn’t find this referenced in the forums. Anyone?

Running up to date ver of CIS on Win7-64.

This seems to be something new with Ver 7 specifically.

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Can someone from Comodo please clarify what data is being transmitted to Comodo and if this new “feature” has been documented/mentioned somewhere?

Would be greatly appreciated.

With default installation you have agreed to send Send anonymous program usage (e.g. clicks, crashes, errors etc) statistics to COMODO in order to improve the product’s quality. You can disable this function if you want.

Thanks for that info. Greatly appreciated.