What is Comodo's policy regarding F.B.I./police/government spyware?

Ive tried asking in other threads, Ive tried emails, what do I have to do to get an answer?

I have been trying for two weeks to get an answer regarding these questions. Sure, Ive received answers of speculation from general members of these forums, but general members, like myself, know absolutely nothing regarding this question.

So again, before I start sending out the private messages,(which will be my last resort), I am going to ask about Comodo’s policy.

CIPAV is an F.B.I. spyware program


Supposedly, McAfee initially contacted the F.B.I. to assure them they would not detect CIPAV. Also, several other security vendors have expressed that they would whitelist CIPAV or similar spyware if requested.

  1. Is it Comodo’s policy to detect and remove F.B.I./Government/police spyware?

  2. Has Comodo whitelisted CIPAV or any other F.B.I./government/police spyware?

  3. Will Comodo do so (whitelist) if requested, unwarranted?

  4. Will Comodo do so (whitelist) if requested, warranted?

  5. What is Comodo’s policy regarding this issue?

As I have stated in these forums before, spyware is spyware, no matter who creates, maintains, distributes, controls it. I want ABSOLUTELY NO SPYWARE ON MY COMPUTER, AT ALL. PERIOD. If a security vendor whitelists government spyware, I want nothing to do with that security vendor because that causes me to distrust them. How am I to know they are not whitelisting other spyware? Maybe some higher-up in the company has a hacker in his family. Who knows. I shouldnt even need to state the reasons why I am concerned about this issue.

Please, what is Comodo’s policy regarding this issue?

It is now Friday, May 02, 2008, 1:09 AM (Central U.S.). If no one from Comodo answers this within one week (7 days) Im going to start sending out private messages. Again, pure speculation by general members is not adequate, as they will not know the policy.

It should not be this difficult to get a freaking answer regarding a companies policy. I have tried in previous posts, I have tried emails (which were never answered), now Im trying more directly in this thread. If this doesnt work I will send out private messages.

I certainly do not intend to cause trouble here, I joined these forums to contribute because I love Comodo’s firewall. Im just trying to find out what Comodo’s damn policy is.

What is Comodo’s policy regarding this issue?

These are answers which have been made readily available from various security vendors to the people from news.com

Also, what is Comodo’s policy regarding commercial keyloggers? This is a similar subject and should also be easy information to obtain.

Thank you.

/end thread