What is Comodo's area of software expertise?

In genreral, I find that most software companies can’t duplicate their success outside their area of specialty. Top notch antivirus companies usally don’t fair as well when they add a firewall to the product to make a suite. The Firewall usually pails in comparison. Same with Firewall vendors. When they make an antivirus to go with their firewall, it usually isn’t as good.

So what is Comodo’s software specialty?

The firewall is AWESOME. But what is the antivirus like? How abouty the other apps?

I generally only like to put best in breed type applications on my computer. So until Comodo can create an antivirus along the lines of NOD32, Kaspersky, or Bit Defender, I won’t be putting that product on my machine.

That said, if Comodo could develop one other application that I would want to try it would be a HIPS program. I use online armor (by Tall Emu) and really like it. But I am now torn because Online Armor is coming out with a Firewall. I want to try it because I think it makes sense to have your HIPS and Firewall all in the same package so that they don’t conflict. Not to mention, having your inbound/outbound firewall and your process firewall all part of the same package just seems logical. But in order to try the OA Firewall, I will have to uninstall Comodo. And thus far, I really like Comodo.

Decisions, decisions…


Our speciality is about Creating Secure and Trusted Computing!

We have a good team that architects the future of the company with which products to develop. Then its matter of getting that expertise. We already have in house expertise for many things like firewall, Virus, Spyware etc. Please bear in mind, until recently we did not have a firewall or virus expertise. We do now! What differentiates us is we surround ourselves with the top notch experts and future geniuses who live and breath what they do. Lets just say that we have ■■■■ good HR dept that can pinpoint good people in the areas where we require expertise and get them. The reason why these people choose to work with Comodo is because they know their work will truly benefit the human race (because of our business model) and there is a pride involved in that!

Ok, then how do you get to the no 1 position. A lot of hard work and many iteration! We know what we need to beat, and we simply work towards building our products to beat them! Of course not to forget that we innovate to differentiate ourselves in the market place too!

That’s what happens if you put a huge amount of geek talent (200+) and let them develop products that they want to be proud of.


I like your passion Melih!

Passion is what makes people successful.

thanks Solo :slight_smile:


Hi Solo,

Just a mention, from a users perspective, CPF to “me” is the best. There have been issues with CAV but a mention that a new build is on the way, many are anxiously awaiting it. Comodo seems young compared to many and is growing every day, striving to be the “best” at what they do, making a FREE secure environment for all users. While others are becoming bloatware, bogging down, expensive, and trying to say the least, Comodo seems to care what the users want unlike others who just want to SELL. As stated, as a user, Comodo is growing and I am happy to be part of it in any way. So even being that CAV has had issues as well as CPF, the fact remains that so have many, many other softwares, and still do. Some perhaps getting more and more. I think of Comodo as a leather coat, it may be a bit stiff at first, needs some softening in certain areas but eventually it will break in and fit users very well. This is what Melih wants for all and I believe he will achieve this. So as a user, I will stick with the good points of Comodo and help through and stick with the not so good points as well. Why? I believe Comodo will be the best as they are becoming with the firewall, and in all other aspects of security as well. Why? Because it is being built from all of us, the users, almost like open source rolled into a nice little security package. All the users matter, mad, happy, sad, and all have a say. This is what Comodo wants and in my honest opinion, wish to help them get there. They are already making a dent in other developer’s hydes which is a sure sign of a growing trend. Whatever you choose to do is your decision but hopefully you will stick with it and watch Comodo grow as well.



I love what Comodo is trying to do. You will get absolutely no complaints from me about your objectives as well as the way that you are going about accomplishing them. In fact, I applaud your efforts. Thus far, I have only tried one Comodo product (CPF) and I love it. And the support has been excellent too. Good technical support is very hard to come by.

I will definitely use Comodos products and reccomend them to firends and familyas they become world class. I feel that the firewall is already world class and that is why I have it on my machine. As the antivirus improves and can hold it’s own against the likes of Bitdefender, NOD32, and Kaspersky, I will give it a try too.

Beta testing? Not for me. I only use the best security products and can’t take a chance on anything less than a stellar finished product.