What is comodo internet security premium.

I wanted to supplement my free comodo firewall with comodo free antivirus.

What I have received from comodo is internet security premium. This does not sound a like a free antivirus program.

Before I upgrade to the paid version I want to make sure it isn’t the memory hog that my current a.v. program is.

I did a site search of comodo and could not find Internet Security Premium.

Comodo Internet Premium is the free version.

It’s called Premium to separate it from the free products offered by other vendors. With Comodo they give out all of the protection modules for free. The paid products include extras such as TrustConnect, Online Backup, GeekBuddy, etc… However, the protection is the same for all versions, free or paid.

It’s the most complete security suite you can get for free. It’s also more secure than most if not all of the paid products.

Thank you for your timely response.

I have burned before by digital security products that purport to be free but are just free to download. To use the programs you have to send money, usually after a short interval

What section of this board should I post a request for advice on how to safely remove all traces of avg security products from my computer

CIS is nothing like that. It is 100% free, and does not hold any protection back for those who install the free version.

Before installing CIS please go to this page and run the removal tools for any security products you previously had installed on your computer.

Also, for my advice on how to configure it please see my article here. Please feel free to ask me any other questions you have.



If you have windows 8 better “off” defender OS before to installing CIS 6.1

Thanks for all the help.

It was rude of me not to mention I’m running win7.

I followed the links and with a little tinkering have managed to remove all visible signs of a.v.g. antivirus and associated programs.

Their vprotect.exe file would sometimes get up to almost 500 thousand k memory use before I would have to reboot.

Please let us know how it goes and if you have any questions.