What is Comodo Internet Security Firewall Driver in Network Adapter Properties

There’s a Driver by the name ‘Comodo Internet Security Firewall Driver’ under Network Adapter properties.
What is the purpose of this driver and why is it required?

I find that checking this option prevents the Windows IPv4 Network Access. I just could not access other PC on LAN by typing its IP e.g. \ I would get Network Error Code 0x80070035.

Finally it was thru when I unchecked this option on target PC’s network adapter properties.
Is this a behavior by design or some sort of bug?

CIS version 5.8.213334.2131 OS Windows 7 Ultimate 32 Bit.

Thanks in advance.

It is the packet filter driver of the firewall. Without it the firewall cannot function.

Disabling Inspect to fix the problem indicates that there is a problem with the firewall settings. I sorta recall there has been a problem with UNC paths in older versions of CIS. Why are you using an old version like 5.3? Some people like to stick to the v5 series but I am wondering what’s keeping you from using v5.8?

Thanks EricJH for your inputs. Yes you are right, this issue does not exist in higher versions of Comodo. I tried with 8.4 and I was able to smoothly do Windows network share without modifying anything in network properties. All I needed to do was open TCP port 445 as expected. Yes it’s time I upgrade.

I don’t know if the issue was fixed with 5.12. If you want to keep on using the v5 series use 5.12 because the database size of older versions is bigger than of of versions before 5.8. The support for the database format of versions before v5.8 will end but a date is not known.

Please do realise that disabling the Inspect driver disables the firewall and will leave you unprotected. We only ask to disable the driver sometimes for testing to quickly see if the firewall is the problem or something else. Only disable the driver shortly for testing purposes.