What is Comodo doing with my hard drive?

I’m using a 500GB SATA2 drive on Vista x64. While the firewall is enabled, I keep hearing activity coming from my hard drive, constantly. It’s not heavy activity, it’s like a constant light rhythm of sound coming from it. When I disable the firewall, this sound goes away. Is there any way I could stop this without completely disabling the firewall? It’s just irritating me. Thanks.

I have experienced similar activity. Have a look at you firewall log. If you have the same symptoms you will see multiple ‘block’ logs per minute. The gross majority of these are probably not malicious. The solution lies with either not logging the blocks or allowing the non malicious activity. Have a look at threads refering to system idle blocks … these will shed some light (V)

You are right, Comodo is showed “blocked intrusion attempts” by the second. How do I disable to logging of blocked attempts? I’m new to this program and can’t really find this on my own right now.

Define a new “blocked application”. Use the “running processes” to choose from, select the “System Idle Process”. Then click on the “advanced” button, select “Network security policy”. Scroll down to the System Idle process, double-click on the rule under it (“Block and log all requests”), uncheck the “log as a firewall event” box. You may want to remove the “and log” words from the rule’s description, but it really doesn’t matter.

The easy solution, but not very satisfacory for future intrusion detection is:
Firewall/Advanced/Network Security Policy/Global Rules
The last rule should be ‘Block and Log from IP any to IP Any Protocol Any’. Select this and then Edit, deselect the ‘Log as a firewall event’ tick and then apply. This will stop most of your logs. The additional problem I had was that my antivirus used on access scanning so every time CF updated the log it would then be scanned by AV … causing yet more hard disk activity. My AV had an option of excluding files from the on access scan however. :■■■■

Thanks to you both, no more annoying constant hard drive activity noise. ;D