What is CFP v3?

Is it an Anti Virus?
Is it an Anti Malware?
Is it an Anti Spyware?
Is it a Firewall?
Is it a HIPS?
Is it a Registry Protector?

I mean what is it?

What is an Anti virus? something that protects from viruses? can something only be anti virus if it works with detection only? Why can’t something like our V3 that, frankly speaking can protect the user from more Viruses than all the so called AV products put together, be called Anti Virus? Cos we ain’t Pro Virus if you know what i mean :wink: Heck, we protect the users from more Viruses than Symantec, Mcafee, Kaspersky, NOD32 all put together can detect!!!

Firewalls were different before PC firewalls entered the game and the meaning of firewall changed forever…

Is it about time the meaning of AV gains some credibility by having “Prevention” as its first line of defense rather than “detection”?

Your opinions pls…


Hey Melih,
IMO CFP v3 is:

  • a firewall: Yes, and it is the best if I dare say so (no explanation needed, I guess)
  • a HIPS: well, Defense+ meets all the criteria of a HIPS (no need for discussion)
  • a registry protector: does “my protected registry keys” ring a bell :wink: - of course it is

But is it an AV, AS, AM ?

What is an Anti virus? something that protects from viruses? can something only be anti virus if it works with detection only?
Is it about time the meaning of AV gains some credibility by having "Prevention" as its first line of defense rather than "detection"?

Your opinions pls…


IMO it is not a question of “either … or” but of “… and … and…”
Of course it is a matter of definition; and yours makes sense. I think one cannot refute your argumentation.
However, IMO, an AV is something (and this applies to AS and AM as well) that offers detection AND prevention AND can also delete virii. As CFP v3 only meets one of the criteria I wouldn’t call it an AV (although it certainly does a better job of protecting you from the baddies than many of the designated AVs (V) )
I agree with you that “detection” should never be anyones first line of defense, however, “detection” does add some extra security and is an important criteria for calling something an Antivirus. The same goes for “cleaning”.
Thank you for your wonderful (and free) products,
grampa. (L)

detection = the act of detecting something; catching sight of something.
Identification = the act of designating or identifying something.

Surely when HIPS warns about some unknown file attempting some action it is actually detecting that file. When and antivirus says “Found Virus abc.exe…” it is not only detecting but identifying the file. So do you think that when HIPS warns about some file action it could be defined as detecting that file or file action?The difference is down to definitions/semantics really - when people say detection in the context of an antivirus, are they really referring to detection + identification? In the context of HIPS, a form of detection is part of prevention?

Definitions are just words methinks, they can become a bit blurred. In reality, the approach of a multi layered defence including Detection, Prevention and Identification is best: efficient and safe removal is an additional consideration if prevention fails (people make errors).

I believe CFP3 and CAVS 3 should provide the ideal combination of everything needed to protect people and Comodo should be ■■■■ proud of the solutions they are providing for free.

I for one would like to thank you Melih for your vision and persistance in this and I cant wait until CFP3 and CAVS3 are both out there kickin ■■■■…


If you think about how to advertise it correctly, I’d say call it just “Firewall”. People are slow to learn, and if they have learned something until now they know that along their AV (everyone knows that today) they need a second thing called “Firewall”.

However, in the product description you can say it is a “Firewall + X” (term common in drinks with alcohol) or just say “more than a firewall” or “intelligent firewall”. Avoid terms like “security suite”, people may be biased towards that term (in a negative way).

Don’t confuse the average user. Say it is a very good and intelligent firewall. The user shouldn’t care about technical differences between HIPS/firewall/sandbox/VM/… Tell him “it just protects”. From my experience Average Joe people want a “set it and forget it” thing (term nicked from Diskeeper).

Someone once said “Keep it simple stupid!”

Just to inform about the previous post about KISS (“Keep it simple stupid!”)

The KISS principle today is often used by software developers, meaning the software should be designed in the simplest way, avoiding creeping featurism. More particularly, it is a leading principle in designing critical low-level routines of operating system kernels (at least for Linux), where it suggests to write the code in the most simple and self-explaining manner, to avoid errors (or make it easy to find them). Some suggest that Unix was invented by following the KISS principle.

…and I agree with the previous post that it should be called a firewall+ or something simple that “ordinary” people understand and are used to.

I tend to agree with the previous posters. CFP is a firewall and CAVs is AV. Prople can deal with that.

KISS :slight_smile:

But does it protect from malware?
if yes, doesn`t that make it Anti-(virus,spwyare,malware)?

A firewall doesn`t necessarily do that.

Why should the definition of Anti-(virus,spwyare,malware) be limited to a method of detection only? After all end users refer to a product that protects themselves from Viruses/spyware/malware as AV.


So what would you call it Melih?

Logically you could say that CFP3 can be called anti-virus or anti-malware but would this not confuse some people?

People generally have a conception of conventional antivirus software that may be different to what needs to be a reality in these days of ever increasing threats!
Perhaps as more people use the new Comodo solutions their perception of what is needed to protect them may change in time. Hopefully use of Comodo products may help educate more users to the dangers they can encounter.

I do think terminology is unimportant for most - they just want protection that works without them needing a high level of knowledge.


Edit: perhaps the help files included with CFP3 could include some basic information on malware and how to protect from it?

Well, just because we fight the war with war planes, doesn’t mean that the name has changed… it still is WAR!!

Its the way we fight the war has changed! just like the method of War has changed… we no longer send a wave of men from the trenches… we send fighter planes… Its still War and its still a war against the Enemy!

The very thing we fight with v3 is malware, virus, spyware, trojans, rootkits!!! Its the “most” “ANTI” -Virus, spyware, malware, rootkit Product that you can get your hands on today!!! Just limiting it to a name like Firewall, which doesn’t do all the above, will deprive the end users from a product that could save them!



So is CFP3 about to be re-named?

Are we going to have another Poll:



Well, i don’t want to limit the potential of this powerful software by not naming it right.

thats why i opened up this discussion thread.

What we decide in this thread could change the way the security industry views what is Anti Virus/malware/spyware/rootkit!!!


Well I am convinced, I never thought the current name properly did justice to the product anyway! ;D

So, have you got a new name in mind or are you looking for suggestions?


To be honest: People don’t give a sh*t about how it is called:
There are four categories:

  1. People that are computer-savvy will inform themselves and find out that CFP3 does a lot more than just firewalling. They don’t care about the name of a product.

  2. People that are not computer-savvy have someone that helps them, and that person is from category 1. The category 2 people in most cases don’t even know they have special protection in form of CFP3 and they don’t care.

  3. People that are not computer-savvy but are learning, install a firewall themselves and are utterly happy if CFP3 installs fine and is not noisy with pop-ups. They know the term “firewall” but haven’t heard of HIPS/sanbox/VM/whatever. They are not confident enough to install anything that says “firewall with full HIPS and buffer-overrun-protection and bling” and are distracted by that.

  4. Kiddies that have the fastest PC of all but don’t know anything except how to master all (including the last) levels of [insert popular game here]. They use their PC for bragging. Therefore they will use what is on top of the lists. This is Comodo in most cases. For category 4 people it is important that it is free. They don’t care about the name.

So, just call it firewall in the product name and state in the description that this is not all it offers! And I really mean it.

What is CFP? Baby don’t hack me… don’t hack me… no more… …whoops. Forgot I’m not in a car with two other nitwits bobbing their heads. :smiley:

Errrm… I think HIPS and anti-spyware can in a way be merged into a wider “behaveiour monitoring”. category. I’m going to call it an anti-spyware in a sense that a spyware which wants to either latch on to a program, set itself at system startup, or phone home it will trigger an alert, and it stops there. So… it’s an ET killer. :smiley:

I’m not ganna go as far as calling it an anti-malware solution, but when it starts to incorporate Memory Guardian it’s going to be one step forward to that.

CFP is a firewall and a comprehensive behaveior-monitoring solution. It freezes apps at driver level when they try to perform something and does not let them go until the user has decided on an action. Because it does not carry malware definitions it will ask the user everytime an unknown program is trying to do something that might jeopardize the system.

Melih you would be asking too much if you wanted to name it a different security product than “firewall”, but at the same time CFP 3 is more of a computer traffic cop than an actual firewall in the classical sense. You could compare the way it regulates app interaction with the rest of the system with that of a firewall regulating traffic. In that sense you could call it an “OS Firewall”. Unfortunately, the term has already been taken, and patented by ZoneLabs.

It’s a bird! It’s a plane! It’s CFP v3!! :smiley:

Firewalls with behaveiour control are becoming more and more a standard as security apps are tending to become unified security solutions. However, CFP and Comodo AV are still not one single app.

I believe that more than anything CFP is a project started out from scratch, developed out of care for the security of people and a vision that a safer online experience should be free and at anyone’s access, developed to the same length as any expensive top-shelf counterpart it has, developed alongside the users, for the users. The freeware spirit is strong in it. This is what makes CFP unique from any other firewall, HIPS, anti-spyware, or other security product, even though it doesn’t give it a name or a classification. Comodo Firewall Pro 3 is, above all else, FREEWARE! (R)

Although I was a fan of the name Comodo Firewall, I came to change my mind and agree with Melih.

The name Firewall hardly describes the potentional of CF3. And since it’s abilities are all versus prevention/immunization (net traffic, cpu access, registry access, hard disk access,etc.) the only name that pass through my mind is:

Comodo Global Shield


I like CFP3 with comprehensive behaveior-monitoring. The thing is people have gotten used to the term Firewall and that is what they look for why try to come up with a new name. Out the rest in the desription but I agree it is more than just a firewall

Just trademark "comprehensive behaveior-monitoring"™ don’t forget Serinox’s roylties OOPs once posted in forum it becomes PD. Sorry Serinox
CFP and Comodo AV are still not one single app. Please, No I can tolerate CMG incorperated with the option to turn it off but please resist the temptation to become one solution for everthing. Some people prefer not have D+ incorperated, I’m not included in the later group though


Comodo Global Shield
This is ok but I still think most people think they are looking for a firewall

The question what do the majority think they need?
they think they need something so that they get infected with bad stuff…
what do they call this thing?
Can v3 do what they need better than any AV out there?


Comodo Malware Defencewall…

Comodo Computer Defence…

Comodo Offensive Malwarecrusher…

Comodo Complete Defence…

and so on… :slight_smile:


I understand the philosophy where Melih is looking to take CFP. The name CFP v3 can no longer adequately describe the fullness of what this product can now do, let alone take into account the future developments that are planned for it.

Not only that, but there used to be an old saying that there were two types of people. Those who follow fashion and those who lead fashion.

Melih is clearly looking to lead in the security realm with new standards of total protection for all computer users with CFP v3… etc and needs a new “Name” to properly reflect the innovation of this product.

Ultimately though it’s the quality of the software that will describe its success, so please don’t rush it.

I say, be bold Melih and go for an innovative new name or “class of name” other than just “firewall” and have a poll if need be.

Thanks for a free and truly great piece of software.

Looking at this another way:

It’s important not to let people believe that CFP* does more than it can. It won’t scan for viruses and remove them (will it?) - and is it specifically anti-spy-mal-ware, as some of the above imply?

There is a danger that some users wouldn’t bother with AV at all; personally, I like Avast!'s way of scanning the web as one browses (can be difficult to get test files though) and I’d always keep an AV.