What is an acceptable full scan time?

Hi everyone. I can’t help but notice the length of time a full scan takes does come up in various Topics quite often. I have only got a mediocre machine, and admit it isn’t loaded with heaps of programs or Data it is only about 10 GB used. It takes on average 12 to 14 minutes for a full scan which to me is quite acceptable.

  1. How long does a full scan take on your machine?
  2. How much space is used on the drive that is scanned?
  3. What would be a acceptable time for you?

Any other suggestions, solutions or optimizing ideas welcome for those that would like to see it improved.
Kind regards.

I have 4 hard drives varying in size totaling 173.1 GB of which 155.85 GBs are being used. Its takes my computer about 2+ hrs to scan all 4 drives, but these are old 7200 drives.

My laptop has a 500 GB hard drive, which has about 85.5 GB being used in total.

However considering there is a recovery partition, my main C:\ Drive is 447 GB with 70.5 GB being used.

  1. Full scan takes about 1 hour, usually a little less
  2. 70.5 GB
  3. 1 hour is very acceptable for me, considering it’s over 70 GB of data, and it’s a thorough scan.