What is a website to send files in bulk?

Sending files in bulk as in scanning

If that don’t make sense i mean to say

Where can i find a scanner that can handle 2gb+ or around 200mb?

Im very sure, the answer is nowhere… especially if you want a report of the files actions…

What exactly are u trying to have scanned?

well mostly just old files that i think maybe infected

Best thing u can do is download some On-Demand AV’s and use them to scan your PC.

Try A-Squared Free, MalwareBytes, Superantispyware, Maybe even download Avast and set to high and do a scan… Make sure to update the AV’s before scanning.

Remember dont have more then 1 Realtime AV installed (Only Avast is real time on that list)

Is Ad-Aware, Spybot Search And Destroy real time? And also Microsoft Windows Defender?

And how about Avira, sorry for all the questions just checking if i do got more than 1 >.>

Yup,Yup,Yup,Yup… there all realtime scanners (by default), out of those i recommend Avira… You can set Ad-Aware and SpyBot Search and Destroy to On demand, Disable Windows Defender if u want, it doesn’t seem to create problems if on also.

Edit: i think Ad-ware can be set to On demand, not sure.

HOly snake lol wow >_>’ so how do i disable those features i am not all too sure :confused: i am a newb when it comes to Antiviruses :confused:

Well the best solution is up to you…

You could uninstall Ad-ware and Spybot SD, and just keep Avira and Windows Defender…

I haven’t used Ad-ware… so i don’t know how to change it to On-demand if possible…
Spybot SD can be set to On-demand, but i forgot how to do it…

Alright i will investigate and you sure this won’t make me more vulnerable to viruses? i hate those suckers :confused:

I cant promise anything, the facts are that no AV, or amount of AV’s can catch all viruses… But the key here for removing them is that, having more then 1 AV on at the same time, can create stability problems, crashes, and slow downs…

Also if you want to help prevent getting virus… make sure windows is always up to date… and make sure to install a good firewall like Comodo’s…

Thanks man :smiley:

No problem, if you have more questions just ask… :slight_smile:

Let’s hope i don’t :wink:

Cause if i ever ask it’s usually because i’m worried about something haha, but that’s a whole different story :slight_smile:

Yes avast is good. Wouldn’t hurt to try Spybot as well as maybe having a second opinion helps.

I’ve used both avast and malwarebytes but only avast I have as realtime scanner. Sometime last year a friend of mine had both avast and malwarebytes working in realtime and he said he doesn’t notice any conflicts. I’ve seen it for myself but I wouldn’t say it’s 100% as it’s not as if I have actually seen him gone through anything intense like browsing the web, installing anything, etc. His computer was just idle and I saw both running in realtime that’s all. Also to note was this was avast 4.8 so I can’t tell you how this would work with avast 5.