What is a compatible anti virus that works along with CIS?

What is a compatible anti virus that works along with CIS?

I tried AVG and I got completely shut out of my computer and I don’t want to risk that again.

Is there any compatible virus scanner that works along side CIS?

I’m only using comodo firewall currently.

Antivir, AVG and Avast from what I can tell of the top of my head. Other users may confirm other av programs as well.

Strange, there shouldn’t be a problem between CIS and AVG. You didn’t have both AVG and Comodo Antivirus set for Real-Time Scanning, did you?

You can also add Microsoft Security Essentials (MSE) to that list of compatible free antiviruses.

That was a one time ■■■■■ up that has happened to several other really big names in the industry as well.

Or Comodo Antivirus as well… why do you need another one besides it?

i don’t believe! you wanted to install AVG - a total gunk and you don’t trust COMODO AV!!! If you said you wanted to install MSE or Avast i could understand. But AVG is not better than COMODO AV, trust me

why use an alternative anti-virus.ive always found the comodo anti-virus to be more than adequate protection. :ilovecomodo:

I’ve actually been running Immunet alongside CIS without any problems. By the way I do have real-time scanning enabled for both.

I’m running both Emsisoft AntiMalwar and PrevxSOL with CIS5.

No problems except some perceptible lag, which is alleviated by white-list CAV & Prevx in EAM and listing EAM & Prevx as eaceptions in CIS.

Comodo av is compatable haha. Seriously I found most other modern avs with or without Comodo firewall do seem to tax the system more than Comodo antivirus itself. Also having problems with AVG and Comodo firewall, are you sure Windows Firewall is disabled. Kind regards

Avast was always good for me. but seriously CAV is great

I am using just comodo complete full version… as for the firewal I noticed that to in windows 7 you have to go and shutoff the windows firewall.