What in the world???! Comodo Leak Test results. [Solved]

[font=tahoma]My machine scored a 10/340…
What happened? And what can I do to patch this?

The only thing that I was protected against was “Invasion:Runner”.


Your firewall might have been disabled. Right click on the shield icon, & under “Firewall Security Level” select “Safe Mode”. Block all firewall pop-ups.

How to change a CFP Policy.

Make sure Defense+ Firewall are in Safe Mode, And you block all D+ Alerts.


[font=tahoma]Son of a gun. Both Firewall and D+ are enabled “Safe Mode”…

Can I suggest…

Comodo Internet Security. You can install the Firewall or Antivirus using the same set up. Uninstall CFP 3.0 first before installing.

Then right click the system tray icon>Configuration> and choose “COMODO - Proactive Security” This puts Defense+ at full strength. Re run the leak tester suite again and block all D+ Alerts. You should then get 340/340.


You may have mistakenly made it allowed, here is how to change that:

How to change a CFP Policy.

Ah ^_^, Thanks jeremy. I’ll try that.

Wait a minute, thanks so much 3xist for your effort and assistance.
Thing is that I already have CIS installed (basically, CPF 3.0 upgraded to 3.5.54). Under Configuration’s setting, it is checked with “Optimum Security”.

Can you kindly explain what “Firewall” and “Antivirus” Security does?

I’ll run the test again with Proactive setting.


Edit, I think I understand the basic idea now. It’s all about D+, which is able to block all the changes. Very powerful indeed. Bravo. I received a 320 this time.

I just have one minor question to ask:
What is the difference between the “Configuration” modes?

That’s it!

Proactive Security will get you full marks. :slight_smile: My self and GPCMaster explained the configurations here: https://forums.comodo.com/install_setup_configuration_help/help_me_decide_which_configuration_to_select-t29364.0.html


[font=tahoma]Thanks Josh, you’re a great help. A powerful software indeed, I mean D+! Defending against rootkits! :smiley:

So basically, Optimum is the default option selected when you use CIS 3.5…

I’m still having trouble understanding what ProActive and Optimum do. I mean like the advantages and drawbacks (plus and minuses) of each setting.

I heard that “Internet” was really good, and works very good with an anti-virus program. However does that turn D+ to ‘Clean PC Mode’?


Proactive setting looks like the pictures below, it enables everything in Defense+ Settings.
Causing More Alerts and Notifications,

Optimum Disables The Image Execution Control, and other security vulnerabilities, but CAVS Already Detects out for the ones that Optimum Disables. (Malware)

Does this help?


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[font=tahoma]Thanks again for the assistance (I’m just trying to get a better understanding).
The quote is a jumble to me. I don’t quite understand what you meant about the Comodo AV detecting what Optimum ‘disables’. Can you reword it?

At the moment my settings look exactly identical to your first screenshot.
So after comparing Optimum and ProActive, I wanted to compare ProActive and Internet. I’ve read that Internet is the best setting when you use a AV and Comodo together.

* Optimum Security is the configuration you imported from CFP 3.0

* Internet Security is the DEFAULT installation configuration on a clean installation, And is the most recommended. You will get FAR less pop ups, and works well with any good AV, and you still maintain good security. Things like Image Execution are disabled, and only some Monitor Settings are activated because of AV 

Software & the upgraded technology in D+ & Firewall. I recommend this one for average users.

* Proactive Security is like CFP 3.0, everything is checked in Defense+, Image Execution is Normal, All Monitor Settings are checked.  It's just like CFP 3.  This is the configuration for advanced users that would like to know what is going on.

* AntiVirus Security - Firewall Turns Off With Defense Enabled with Default Options

* Firewall Security - AntiVirus Turns Off With Defense Enabled with Default Options

Does This help any better?


Unfortunately, I’m not getting full marks on the leak tests. The highest I’ve achieved is 150/340, this after a clean install of CIS – Firewall D+, no AV. What am I doing wrong?

The test is a joke to me in all honesty. Go over to Wilders and see. People with better protection then CIS are getting low scores.

I guess there’s no sense in losing sleep over this one. Easier said than done . . . (:SAD)

Thing is, if you should allow the changes, then the test will mark you as failed. You’ll have to block all the prompts to receive around a 320.

CGP, thanks but I read that thread already.
Er, may I ask what configuration do you use on your machine?

And what is “Image Execution”? A malicious image popping up on your screen?

I Scored A 340/340

I Have Pro-Active Configuration
For Defense+ I’m set up With: Paranoid Mode, Everything Checked In The Defense+ Settings Window, Image Execution Set To Aggressive with *.exe *.dll *.sys * .*bat included in the “files to check” tab,

“Image Execution” is
Image Execution Control is an integral part of the Defense+ engine. If your Defense+ Security Level is set to ‘Train with Safe Mode’ or ‘Clean PC Mode’, then it is responsible for authenticating every executable image that is loaded into the memory.

Comodo Internet Security Pro calculates the hash an executable at the point it attempts to load into memory. It then compares this hash with the list of known/recognized applications that are on the Comodo safe list. If the hash matches the one on record for the executable, then the application is safe. If no matching hash is found on the safelist, then the executable is ‘unrecognized’ and you will receive an alert.


Wow, nice. Basically, my query is resolved, thanks a lot.
Did you receive any prompts during the leak test CGP?

Yes, Many Prompts.

Any Other Questions Or Concerns drragostea ?


Er, no more and thanks again CGP.

Odd thing is that all my firewall and D+ rules were wiped clean when I switched to a new mode.
And some options were not checked to be monitored when I had the Internet configuration.