What If

may I respectfully ask what would happen if the Comodo Icon was right clicked to exit the tray?
would the protection still be there or no,reason being many apps do work in the background.
Thank You

right clicking and exiting comodo only closes that GUI
your computer is still protected as long as cmdagent.exe is still running.
cmdagent.exe = comodo engine
cfp.exe = interface

Just out of curiosity,

Why does any body want to close the GUI? any specific purpose?

There’s no cmdagent.exe in RAM even when CIS is scanning. Is it ok?

No it’s just Windows Task Manager doesn’t show the cmdagent.exe. But KillSwitch shows it. Interesting.

Yes!purpose would be to clean up the tray apps.I already have to do it with Malwarebytes(I am told is not needed which I doubt) because CIS does not play nice with it or anything else real time.what happens if MBAM is left scheduled scans hang which result in hangs only fixed by forced re - boot.Not the best way to reboot any machine = power button in until it turns off.wait a bit to turn back on, annoying when there are things to do on a machine.

Hi Solarlynx. Did you have show processes from all users ticked?

Yeagh! When I’ve ticked that the cmdagent.exe appeared. Really nothing mysterious. Sorry for the buzz.

Hi Tactful. There will be no alerts displayed with it closed, so unknown apps will be blocked without the option to let them run if required.

NP :slight_smile: