What if I want to help "Application Experience" in Win7


Finally got tired of all the Defense+ notices of Rundll32.exe wanting to do something to random dll files. Searched the forum like a good user and found this is from “Application Experience” request if you opted in when loading Win7. Then found that I could stop it by disabling ProgramDataUpdater in the Task Scheduler. (See this post → https://forums.comodo.com/defense-help/defense-alerts-rundll32exe-is-trying-to-execute-different-dll-exe-files-t40265.15.html)

I assume from what I read is this disables my participation in Application Experience. But what if I want M$ to learn from all my problems? What if I am naive enough to believe that they look at some congolumeration of this data and make their product better?

If I believe that is there a way to set up Defense+ to let this traffic out without compromising my security to other beasties out there?


As far as I know there is no way to do that other than responding to the run32dll.exe’s alerts and the instruct to allow and remember.

That’s a lot of replies - just a quick search shows around 9,0000 dll files on my c drive. Surely there is a way to allow a program to run without having to approve each one individually.


There isn’t. It is by design. The handling of rundll32.exe has changed in v4, currently in beta, as was promised by the head developer egemen in the past.

:frowning: Bummer!
Thanks for the information.