What if I don't use IE?

I am currently using mcafee firewall, and have heard good things about comodo firewall. Would like to change from mcafee.

I have read various posts that suggest that comodo firewall is tested mainly with IE, but maybe I am interpreting those posts incorrectly. I use firefox for browser and thunderbird for email. Does anybody have a feeling that I’m going to be OK if I uninstall mcafee firewall and install comodo?

I am a fairly experienced user, not afraid of a little tweaking.

Thanks for your time.

Hi sumthinelse, welcome to the forums.

Speaking as a Thunderbird and Firefox user myself, i can confidently say that Comodo will more than meet your requirements, with full compatibility with Mozilla software.

If you are removing McAfee software from your system, i would advise you download the “McAfee Consumer Software Removal Tool” from here: Download McAfee Removal Tool (MCPR) - MajorGeeks. McAfee software has not got a very good reputation for removing itself cleanly, and remnants of another firewall on your system can cause compatibility issues. Just run the tool as per the instructions on the page I have just linked you to, allow your PC to reboot, and install Comodo.

I hope I have answered your questions! Please post if you have any more and someone will be glad to help you. I think you will find the forums here more useful and friendly than most :wink:


That what I would suspect. mcafee had several components pre-installed when I got my XP system. I have already removed mcafee antivirus, and I stopped the mcafee AV service, but I still get popups saying I need to pay for their AV tools. mcafee firewall is the last thing I need to get rid of. I was afraid to uninstall every mcafee service (because what some of them do is not clear at all) until I was ready to install a new firewall.

After I remove the mcafee firewall I’ll be clean!

Your welcome! :slight_smile:

Regards, Matt