What I would like to see in Comodo Firewall...

Hi Comodo and everybody using these forums! (:WAV)

Congratulations, you have a great firewall. I am currently using it in conjunction with avast antivirus, another excellent free product. I have been a long time Outpost user and usually recommend this to other people along with avast home. I regularly try out new or updated firewalls especially if they are freeware as I sometime have to fix friends’ and collegues’ putas and it is not surprising that they are running either no firewall or no antivirus or they are extremely out of date!

I think I have found in Comodo, a free firewall that I can recommend to ppl with 100% confidence! I always have come back to Outpost when trialing new firewalls and I think this is beacuse of the well crafted graphical interface. I do not think that there is any shame in taking inspiration from this program and making Comodo Firewall even better. I particularly like the way it scans for applications and has a database of application rules for popular programs. This is very useful when installing on other ppls’ putas! Ok, you do have to tweak them a little sometimes (:TNG) but on the whole it works well and can save you a lot of time. This seems better than just allowing complete access for programs which are trusted.

I also like the different modes which Outpost has particularly the ‘Block Most’ mode which I can select after I have created my application rules and not be bothered by nagging windows. If I have a program which does not work or I have a new program I just select ‘Rules Wizard’ mode and create new rules for it. This is also useful when I setup this firewall on ppls putas coz ppl hate windows popping up especially if they are unsure whether to allow or deny access to the application. It’s nice that it is in the tray too so its very convenient not having to open the main application window. I think the way Agnitum have structured the application rules work very well eg ‘Blocked’, ‘Trusted’, and ‘Partially Allowed’. Also a password would be nice - I know everybody is requesting this so I guess it will be implemented soon (:WIN)

I apologise if this has sounded more like a glowing review of Outpost but the fact that I have dropped it in favour of Comodo should indicate that I am impressed with Comodo. The interface is good and easy on the eye and most importantly it works and isn’t a resource hog! I have found Outpost to be getting bloated lately and does not run so great on my Via M1000 Mini ITX board. I have a more powerful puta but I am trying to do my bit for the environment and keep electricity bills down, etc and I find it more than adequate for most things plus the fact it is very small and I have become fed up with looking at big towers!

Sorry if I have waffled and bored anybody but I never really post much on forums but I felt I wanted so say how good Comodo is becoming. I hope it achieves its potential and people see the light and stop buing that horrible Norton stuff! (:CLP)

Best regards,


Please post your ideas in the wishlist (if they aren’t already posted by someone else)