what i should do ?

can i leave the rules ? ???

■■■■ is so bad to reset all the rules again


Is there much to reconfigure manually? I was spoiled with no need for manual configuration, so I didn’t hesitate to click “Yes”.


The question that ought to be asked is this:

Is opting for the “new format” – whatever that is – worth the trouble of manually restoring all of your carefully crafted rulesets?

In other words, do the “costs” exceed the “benefits”? If so, click NO.

Frankly, I have seen no compelling argument to adopt this “new format” when asked to do so. When v.304 was on my system, I could not tell any difference in the “format” from v.295. I have since migrated to v.309, which never prompted me to change “formats” during the installation routine.

The latest version .309 should successfully import the rules from the earlier version. Export the current rules, install the new version, export the new rules (just in case :wink: ), import the old rules.