What I miss the most is...


Since we removed couple of modules from CSC, I’ve seen posts asking about them. As we will add them back, one by one, I thought would be a good idea to let us know what are your priorities. So, the question is: What is the module you would like to be added back asap?

I would like a Visual Styler to change OS icons :a0 The more icons I can change the better. Thank you :slight_smile:

Task manager, Auto run manager.

Thanks Andrei :slight_smile:

Don’t worry, Autorun Manager comes back more powerful then ever :slight_smile:

The option to download the program in a zip file which can then be extracted to a USB drive to use as a portable app.

In that list, I guess I only miss Autorun Manager. Other than this, I wish to stress that I only miss two things in the whole CSC (from what I can think of right now):

Ok. Let’s see what we can do about it :).

few… i thought at first you were only adding one back. I think they are all fantastic and i say add them back in the order you guys like. which ever is the easiest do first. also, could you by any chance add the compact option back to comodo registry cleaner? also if possible could you add more thorough details on the options for drive cleaning. i like how there is like the revo uninstaller added into it. this product is jam packed. I love it. it is literally the best ever. comodo rules, i cannot express that enough.

also i know this is the wrong thread, I think i added it to the right thread but, please when comodo has time make a standalone antispyware program. stand alone are better in my opinion. they are dedicated to one job so they are the experts on that area.

keep up the great work!

You have already mentioned this here;

Please post in the appopriate board or you idea’s may not be heard by the right people! :slight_smile:

one item missing is still a free space shredder

*Stability of existing ones.

…incoming in Wipe section of CDC.

sweet! :comodojiggy:

the autorun manager and the task manager would be great

why would they put a file icon changer, that’s not necessarily what you should want to do. It can ■■■■■ up your pc sometimes. let ■■■■■■ companies like stardock do that kind of stuff. In my opinion comodo should stay away from making them. Comodo should stay with making security programs and CSC and useful stuff like that.

A lot of other Tune-Up programs have visual styler, if your affraid to mess up your system - don’t use it :slight_smile: