What heuristics level do you use?

Just curious to see what others use for their heuristics level, I’ve been using the default LOW setting.

I have it on high and realtime protection on access :slight_smile:

Valentin N :slight_smile:

not for me; I don’t install/uninstall software day in day out :slight_smile: plus I don’t mind FP; better than having a malware.

Valentin N

I have it on high…and I have never had a single FP…and I am using Comodo for over a year now. I do not want to say that Comodo does not have Fp but for me it works fine.


I use Low for Real Time and High for Manual & Scheduled scanning.

I don’t use the AV. It annoyingly detects torrent downloads and the like. >.>

I Realtime scanning disabled (so Heuristic is off); Only Defense+ on paranoid :stuck_out_tongue: and disabled sandbox

Same here.

I run with the default Low setting on all scanners.

I have mine on “High”. I like it that way. If a FP comes up I report it, then I’m done. Also Using “stateful” mode

Low. I do a scan with them on high from time to time though.