What Have I Done?

Using Cis … & via firefox can download just about anything … zip … mri … so on & so on … but not exe files. Some things I really want to get are exe files but I am shown all drives can’t be changed from their current settings, so I can’t save such to disc. I checked all drives, even desktop & my computer … not locked by shell at all (that I can see) … not hidden … not write-protected.

Recently also & I don’t know why, my printer driver (NitroPDF printer driver) is messing up … can’t print anything … if I want to print, I’m told to install a printer … I check all that & find the printer driver is there & functional … printer spooling is turned on (though I’m told it’s not) & really, I don’t know if this is something CIS influences or not … but I need to find out. I print most from the net into PDF format, so it’s pretty important to me.

Please, will someone slap the face of an old dude on an old machine who has to come in here asking questions on what may be simple things?

I’m guilty.