What happens when Comodo Internet Security Pro 2011 trial runs out?

Hello everyone,
I am thinking of installing Comodo Internet Security Pro 2011 trial version. What do I lose after the 30 day free trial runs out? Thanks.

24/7 tech support.
But, These forums can and do provide the support also. Not necessarily instant, but it is available nonetheless

I saw something about Wi-Fi Data Encryption. Does that stay free?

no. This link shows you what the differences are. The software is not restricted in any way.

When Comodo Internet Security Pro 2011 trial runs out and if I wish to change to the free version, will I need to uninstall PRO and install FREE? Or will it automatically revert back to the FREE version by turning off PRO features?

You will need to uninstall then go to free version.


So it looks like I’ll just install Comodo Internet Security Premium 2011 for free. Will I be completely covered? Or should I install additional products?

Ok. I just installed the product. During the setup, I selected Optimum Proactive Defense instead of Maximum Proactive Defense. I thought this might limit the amount of pop-ups. Am I correct?