What happens when alerts go unanswered [Resolved]

As I returned to my computer with my cup of coffee I had an alert from CFP/D+, not sure which one it was. Before I could finish reading and answer it closed.

It was regarding service host and an incoming TCP request to ms-rpc(135).

My question is does CFP automatically refuse the connection if you don’t respond before it closes or does it grant the request?



If you don’t answer the alert, CFP will block it (applies for both Firewall and Defense+). CFP wouldn’t be any good if it didn’t protect you when you’re away, would it? :wink:



Thanks for the reply and information.

I kind of thought that’s what would happen, block unanswered alerts, but wanted to make sure. In hindsight I guess it was a pretty dumb question.

No, it wouldn’t be of much use if it did otherwise.


Questions can’t be stupid. Without questions, the humankind would be as smart as the fishes :wink:

Anyways, I’ll go ahead and mark this thread as resolved. If you need it opened, PM me or another online Moderator with a link to this topic.


PS: In the event this happens, and something has been blocked that needs to be allowed, the rule will only be temporary (without a User response). So nothing is permanently blocked, and a computer reboot is guaranteed to fix the temporary block.

Short of a reboot, it may be possible to reset by exiting and restarting the firewall, or logging out and back in.