What happens to 'my safe files' after submit?

After submitting to Comodo the files in the ‘Pending files’ then moving them to ‘my safe files’ are they auto removed once designated by Comodo as safe? If not, do they have to stay in ‘my safe files’ for ever? If this is explained already can someone point me in the right direction, I couldn’t find this info anywhere… thanks

PLease see the FAQ here.

Thanks for responding and the link. I have read that FAQ and it doesn’t answer what I am asking.

(1) The files, once approved, are automatically removed from “my pending files” container and added to my safe files but NOT listed in the “my safe files” container, but indeed are set as safe (not listed in either container).

(2)The files that are manually added to “my safe files” and listed in that container are never removed even if they are approved as safe from Comodo?

Basically I am trying to figure out how or when they can/will be removed from “my own safe files” container without being sandboxed again (placed back into the “my pending files” container).

I hope I am making myself clear. Thanks

Sorry yes, misread your post.

I’m not sure

Does any one else out there know? I’ll ask the devs if not…

Best wishes


I think they will end up in the white list that will come with the next update of the program.

Otoh CIS will also do an online look up as part of checking the white list. Not sure when a file would show up on the online look up though.

The whitelist should be updated as part of the AV updating process and should not have to wait for program updates. Other security vendors do this, I see no reason why Comodo couldn’t as well.

Thanks for the replies. So, after a week or two, would I remove these files from the “my own safe files” container then reboot and see if they get put back in the sandbox and listed in the “my pending files” container? Is there a way to see if they have been whitelisted?

That makes sense to me if they are not automatically removed from the “my safe files” container.

I never have used a full security suite but CIS seems so good I couldn’t resist installing the suite instead of just the firewall with defense+. Grant

There is no way to see the file whitelist but it’s reportedly very large so you’d have a hard time sifting through it anyway. Norton has a huge whitelist that you never get to see either so Comodo is not alone in this.