What happens if an user invoke a erase tool into the free space of the disk?

What will happen with the snapshots if an user invoke the free space erase of the disk using GlaryUtilities, CCleaner, Eraser, etc.?
I suppose that if the driver is loaded, NOTHING will be erased.
I’m praying I’m right :wink:

Tech, read the following post


In fact reading the whole thread from the beginning will probably explain alot.

In short…dont use any disk wiping tools while CTM is installed or you’ll risk running out of disk space!

Ok. How Comodo manages the low disk space? I presume it alerts or don’t ■■■■ up the disk :slight_smile:
I mean, I wish an alert and automatic managing of free disk space (Rollback has it if I remember correctly, you can set the minimum free disk space before deleting snapshots…).
As CTM works at low level, if the users don’t understand the technology they will ask silly questions (like me :-*).

Tech, indeed Rollback does have an option to start deleting UNLOCKED snaphshots if the HD is full. I’ve only ever tested CTM in a VM and have since removed it so i cant check to see if CTM has a similar option. You or somebody else will need to have a look and report back here. :slight_smile:

IMO, i dont think that this feature will help you much if you insist on still using disk wiping utilities.

Disk wiping utilities are a can of worms while CTM is installed because they wipe all free sectors which CTM will redirect if data exists on them as i’ve already explained in the link i supplied in the previous post. This simply jams up all of your free space and Windows is unaware of it because CTM hides the problem. This has unpredictable consequenses as already witnessed by other people in this forum.

Proceed at your own peril.

CTM does not have this option. I couldn’t find it.

I won’t insist and won’t use it. Just trying to learn.