What happened?

I downloaded a file from a supposedly trustworthy source. When I attempted to run it, BOClean prevented it saying that it detected a Trojan Horse. I subsequently scanned the file at virustotal.com and it was pronounced clean by every scanner. I also sent Comodo’s virus lab an email saying I thought it was a false alarm, and gave them a URL to download it.

Later, I discovered that IE7 (used to preview files in my HTML editor) could not access the Internet (I normally use Firefox for web access.) I decided to shut down the computer and restart.

After that, the computer took about 5 minutes to start, and there was no network access at all. My wireless adapter could not even obtain an IP address from the router.

A system restore back to before this occurred (unfortunately, 3 weeks ago) restored normal operation. So my question is: was there really a Trojan and did BOClean not actually manage to block it, or did BOClean itself manage to mess up the internet connection?

This is probably the only time I will be glad I had a copy of Vista, on a separate partition, which I was able to use to back up the work I’d done prior to using system restore.

Hi techpro :slight_smile:

Maybe the logfile can give us a clue. Please post the contents of the BOreport.txt file you can find ( by default ) here :

C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\boc425\

If that is not the case, open the BOClean menu by right-clicking on BOCleans Icon in the Taskbar. Left-click Configure BOClean, and you can find where it is stored just right from Create report when trojan found:

Greetz, Red.