What happened with "What's New" page?

After the update of the new version of Comodo Firewall I wanted to see what is actually new… and I realised that I could not find anymore the link/button in CFW. Than I was searching trough the Comodo web pagees, and still nothing…

My question is: why 'What’s New" is not transparent option anymore? Why there is no button in update options to see the changes from version to version?
For me this is very usefull option and I feel confused why it is not there anymore.

If anyone have a link to this page I’ll be very thankfull. I hope that some of the devs will see this post and put this option back.

Hi Auslender. Is this what you are looking for, it is sometimes a bit behind. Kind regards.

YES IT IS! That is exactly the page, but it is not anymore in the options of my firewall. Thax for the link I think I’ll keep it untill it is not back in the options.

Who knows it might return, in the mean while it is a handy bookmark. Have a great day.