What happened to the Survey results?

I always use the matousec link to promote and show CFP as the top Firewall, but when I looked at the matousec survey, the top table still shows the Comodo results but the second list of best results no longer shows Comodo as the top one (in fact the list does not show CFP at all).

Fortunately it still has the report under the list which states…

Interpretation of results
The clear winners of our tests are Comodo Firewall Pro

See here…


Any ideas?


You don’t see CPF?
For me it says:


Product Product score Level of Anti-leak Protection

Comodo Firewall Pro FREE 9475 Excellent

I guess that must be the second table?


The first one I can see in the green column is Outpost 8700.

Will try a different browser. :-\

It’s the Firefox browser!

Looses the top two lines in the green column.

Obviously an HTML tables problem.

Never used to do this, always showed the Comodo line and the one below.

Opera shows it OK.

Moderators, please delete thread if you like.



No >:(.

This has already become your chance to re-promote Comodo ;D.

I also see the CFP entry in both tables… using Firefox.

Still misses out the top two green lines on my Firefox, just another anomaly in the computer world of which there are many! LOL.

OK leave it as a promotion. :slight_smile:

Thanks for checking for me.