What happened to the old Comodo Internet security?

Hello there,
I have been using Comodo Internet Security - Free, for a long time, and I have been greatly satisfied with it.
Now I have gotten a new laptop, and of course, I want to get the all round program (Antivirus + Firewall) once again, but I cannot find it?

I can only find the free Antivirus, and the free Firewall, both separated from each other. Where is the Internet Security with both combined into one program?

Here is a screenshot the “old” Internet Security that I am talking about;
This is the Gem that I am looking for…


Are you interested in the newest one - 5.5 ? Internet Security, download here:’

COMODO Internet Security Premium
Size: 60M ( 62679504 )

Older versions here

On the right side, choose the version you like. :-TU

Is this still free and includes AV and FW?

Yes, it’s free and includes AV+FW.

Cheers, thanks a lot! For some reason I couldn’t find this specific product on the site :wink:

As was discussed on another thread the older versions of Comodo on Filehippo are x86 only.