What happened to the Enable Instant for faster and browsing in version 16?

I just yesterday realized that certain web pages that I go to frequently no longer come up instantly when typing part of the url in the adress bar. Then I checked options and saw that under Search, the option to enable Instant On reads “Enable Instant for faster searching” That felt incomplete to me somehow – then I installed older version of Dragon, version 15, and under their Search options, the Enable Instant reads “Enable Instant for faster searching AND browsing.” I then tried reinstalling Dragon version 16 and their Enable Instant again only reads “Enable Instant for faster searching.”
See screenshot here showing complete Enable Instant option: ImageShack - Best place for all of your image hosting and image sharing needs

and here is a screenshot for the incomplete Enable Instant option offered in latest Dragon: ImageShack - Best place for all of your image hosting and image sharing needs

Anybody know what happened to this very useful feature?


Google’s explanation:

"[i]Ultimately, we decided to tweak the feature so that although the webpage you’re typing will not be displayed, it will often be preloaded for you, so that when you press Enter it’s already been fetched and rendered. This causes the page to appear almost instantaneously when you do press Enter. Many users were distracted by having webpage completions appear on their screens, and when it wasn’t actually the correct website, people often became quite confused. We decided that we could get most of the speed benefits of this feature through prerendering the page in the background without risking the same level of distraction or confusion.

Next time you find yourself missing the feature, try just hitting Enter as soon as you see the blue-highlighted URL completion in your omnibox. We hope you’ll be pleasantly surprised at how fast the page appears.[/i]"

Well, that explains it…■■■■ I’m going to miss that feature.

But thanks for the info!!!

can you get a virus if it is pre rendering a malicious site that infect visitor with malware as soon as they visit it