What happened to global warming?

Anyone know where it is? I can’t find it where I live :stuck_out_tongue:
It has been raining for like whole the summer vacation. Today it rained too, and the stupid thunder struck somewhere, which made the power go out. Luckily, they had some backup-solution, so the power restarted in one second. But unfortunately, the one second-lasting power cut made my computer reboot.
Anyways, I don’t only need global warning, but also a global (or local) sunshine.
So how’s the weather where you’re living? :■■■■


Raining >:( It feels like autumn not summer. :frowning:

Global warning is here :a0

Here is sunny with 30C 80% humidity

“Changes in the amount and pattern of precipitation may result in flooding and drought.”.
Then I guess that we do have global warming here too :frowning:

When i was finishing school (nearly 20 years ago) we where being told that in the next 50 years we would be entering another ice age and at parts of the year the north sea would freeze so you could walk to norway.Why anyone would want to do that is another thing,but it does make me a wee bit sceptical.Also the fact a lot of A` listers and politicians are jumping on the bandwagon makes me feel uncomfortable.
When you look down at the earth from space(like Ganda does) and realise what a small part we take up,i think how could we impact mother earth that much.
Does the weather pattern not go in cycles?


ps It`s chucking it down here >:( so not much carp fishing.

The good thing about the global warming “theory” is that is agrees with observed data–whatever the data. ;D

Here it’s being a mild summer so far–I guess it can’t last long. Before May there was a long period of little rain, as is wont here in central Spain, and global warming was to blame. Later it rained finally, as is wont, and global warming was to blame, or to thank depending on one’s situation. They were setting up in Zaragoza one of these outdated world fairs, which is all about sustainable water management and whatnot, and when the river Ebro rose a couple of metres, as is wont, they had one messy situation. :smiley:

Now it’s sunny, but not so hot as usual here in Summer. :BNC

In Australia.

Our Winter is now Summer (and vice versa). It’s really complicated weather here. STOP KILLING THE OZ-ZONE LAYER! 88) ;D


So how many meters of snow are you shovelling right now? ;D

Zero :wink:

Hasn’t gotten to that point yet!

Maybe in next 20 years… Who knows.