What happened to fridays Fix/ improvement to Cis?.

??? Well it looks like Lordraidens comment about something happening fix/improvement wise, to Cis on Wilders forum recently did not happen.It seemed that a fix of some sort was indicated by Umesh at Comodo and Lordraiden picked up on that, and i thought that seems a bit near the final release being a friday, must be so important it cannot wait a few days .

Well, whatever it was supposed to be it did not happen, seems it was not so important and may now happen on Tuesday ( cant wait).


You can see whats new in CIS Beta @

I think he meant some rumours circulating around beta forum that there should be something happening on Friday (some additional changes)

There have been no official announcements from Comodo about fixes or enhancements to CIS scheduled for this Friday.

Umesh said that there may be some back end (infrastructure - not desktop CIS) enhancements, but nothing was set in stone for Friday.

Ewen :slight_smile:

Thanks for the info.

I thought i read somewhere that Servers of CIMA were going to be upgraded?

You are the most impatient forum poster I have ever seen. Your question about this was already addressed in the thread you started here.


Hey Dave,

Let’s see if I’ve got this straight;

Someone who is not affiliated with Comodo posted suppositions not released by Comodo on another forum not operated by Comodo, yet it gets treated as truth.

Wanna buy a bridge?? :smiley:

Ewen :slight_smile:

People easily believe in what they want to believe :slight_smile:

Depends. Where is it? ;D

Also, does it still look like the release is going to be the 14th?

Yes :slight_smile: