I believe it was the CEO of COMODO who stated that all of the personal use products, such as COMODO Personal Firewall were going to be FREE FOREVER!!! Now I find out that it is no longer free, and the users who pay money get better services. I should have known that any corporation wasnt to be trusted. sigh


Comodo still has good products, but when the CEO says something, you’d think it would be followed.

The software itself is free. But you can pay for better services and conveniences. Its always been like that.

Internet SecurityFirewall Protection
AntiVirus Software
Proactive Security
As far as I know everything is still free all they offer is a service that you would have to pay for anyway.

Firewall Protection
AntiVirus Software
Proactive Security
PC Tune Ups
Virus Removal
Software Installation
24-7 Support
If you want a virus removed that you cannot you have to pay or reinstall your OS.
If you want technical help setting up your computer you have to pay

And they still are. Forever is forever.

Now I find out that it is no longer free, and the users who pay money get better services.

Correction - the users who CHOOSE to subscribe to the ADDITIONAL services get extra services that those who don’t subscribe. ALL users still get the firewall free.

I should have known that any corporation wasnt to be trusted. *sigh*

I should have known that some people want everything for free and are trying to elevate leeching to an artform.


... but when the CEO says something, you'd think it would be followed.

and when the CEO says something, you’d hope it would be interpreted accurately.

Ewen :slight_smile:

While COMODO Personal Firewall is still free this doesn’t imply Comodo cannot provide additional paid support services like pc tuneups, CIS installation and configuration and other additional services including Trustconnect.

These additional services (including Hands on technical support) can be tried for free for 30 days and are described at Comodo Firewall | Get Best Personal Firewall Software for $29.99 A Year

In order to install and use the product itself there is no need to purchase these PRO services but

[b]If you prefer to let someone else handle the technical aspects of your computer and remove your viruses, you will benefit from Comodo Internet Security PRO. [/b]

This package covers all the computers in your home network, and includes:
Award-winning Firewall (installed free)
AntiVirus Software (installed free)
Proactive Security
4 service sessions a year- security professionals

Hands On Support Available 24/7
PC tuneup
Virus Removal

Makes your online communications private
Hides your internet provider address

to summarize
Comodo Internet Security = Comodo Firewall Pro + AV, both free
Comodo Internet Security PRO = [abbr=Comodo Firewall Pro + AV, both free]Comodo Internet Security[/abbr] + additional paid support and services

I think the free products that Comodo offers are great. Yes, they really are free. They really work. My experience w/Comodo has been that they constantly improve their products. I use the firewall, the new AV, and V Engine. They satisfy my needs. Did I mention the price? Oh, yes, I did.


I am totally satisfied that Comodo delivers on their promise. And it is free of charge. Amazes me to no end!



Yes i understand that. Someone has to pay for all of the extra support that the users recieve. However their ad states that “Wi-Fi is MOST dangerous. Now you don’t have to worry.” If so, you would think that COMODO would put it in their free version.

It was. Most of the software is free, right?

There are those who want everything for free. I am not one of them. I also dont really want someone else messing with my computer either. The only thing that I want is the Trustconnect to be added to the free version. that is all.

Well, not really. Id also appriciate it if you would stop being rude, Ewen.


The product you are referring to (Trust Connect) is a totally different application to Comodo Internet Security, which is the focus of the board that you posted on, which would go a long way towards explaining the confusion. :wink:

Trust Connect consists of a softare application that creates a VPN between your PC (WiFI or otherwise) and a known trusted point on the internet. That trusted point is a Comodo owned and operated server that acts as a proxy, sitting inbetween your PC and the rest of the internet.

Someone has to pay for this server, its rackspace rental, its maintenance, its internet presence and its bandwidth usage. It’s a bit unreasonable to expect Comodo to front these costs, forever, for everybody.

Their free products are free. They have a right to also create and distribute non-free products and services.

If they didn’t create any profit generating software or services, what would pay for the on-going development of their free products?

Money has to come from somewhere.

Ewen :slight_smile:

As Ewen thoroughly explained Trustconnect is a service that require additional costs, technically that app is free too but it need a server component that is costly to mantain.
Using Trustconnect to download a file means that the file is downdloaded by Comodo server first and send to the user using a secure channell.

In some regard is like Comodo is acting like an ISP providing a secure internet access regardless the user is using an insecure channell.

There is no way to provide that service for free othen than payng for the bandwidth each single user generates.

If you you still have complains and you think Comodo should pay for very costly services on behalf of its users I would be quite surprised.