What happened to Dragon (25.2)?

What happened to Dragon (25.2)?
It has been eating up my RAM.
I keep setting Google as the default search engine (right click search) but I often find Yahoo as the default search engine even if I remove it.
Sometimes it’s slow and takes too long to close.
I’m seriously thinking of uninstalling it and going back to Firefox, I like Dragon but it’s making my life difficult!

And all after a total clean installation too!

See you

Did you remove the profile when you uninstalled Dragon? If not then you install it again and Dragon will use the old profile again. Before removing the profile please make sure to back up bookmarks etc…

Hi giovanve,
The yahoo search is happening with the first right click search after opening the browser, right clicking a second time brings up the selected search engine and then it is OK for the rest of the session.
Noted as a bug.
CD 25.0.2: yahoo is the default search engine, no matter of your settings

Sometimes it's slow and takes too long to close.
This has also been [i]noted as a bug[/i], a workaround is to disable [b]Clear Browsing History On Exit[/b]. [url=https://forums.comodo.com/bug-reports-cd/clear-browsing-history-on-exit-causes-a-delay-on-exit-t93005.0.html]Clear browsing history (on exit) causes a delay on exit[/url]

Let us hope future versions resolve both issues.
Kind regards.

For EricJH : Yes I did!

After the bookmarks importing, the only extensions I have installed are WOT and Adblock Plus.

For captainsticks : not active (now and before) the option “clear browsing history on exit”

Thanks both of you