What happened???? Forum or fanpage?

I’ve been inactive for quite some time and getting back, I get this strange unfamiliar, almost hostile environment in the forums… A lot of uhm…I dislike the term fanboyism; it’s a little degrading…well, let’s just say comodo gained a lot of fans. While this ought to sound good, it’s really getting scary now. Lots of requests that make no sense to me at all (but are getting crowd support nonetheless), and hostility all around for people criticizing comodo with not even considering on what has been said or presenting any sensible arguments.

(I’m) Quite concerned really. A bit saddening, too since this forums was one of the most welcoming and constructive few. But now, it pretty much looks like a fanpage.

Hm…Maybe I’m just overthinking it. Let me see…a lot of people asking for comodo to make an alternative for everything. I’ve found:

  1. requests for office
  2. other browser variant
  3. an all-in-one suite (which is getting a lot of support, surprisingly. A few months ago people hated bloated software but now people are demanding it. :o)
  4. an os
  5. hardware
  6. other security product (though this is still acceptable. Alright, I’ll let it slip)
  7. a few others I couldn’t quite get what they wanted to happen.

and there are also meaningless vents/responses/ungrounded statements against critics of aforementioned products and current products including but not limited to:

  1. Dragon
  2. CCE
  3. CIS
  4. Comodo itself

while there are heavy criticisms on other security products such as

  1. Norton
  2. TrendMicro
  3. AVG
  4. other firewalls
    with some of them being a little too obvious that they have not even tried these products.

Maybe I’m just seeing too much of the bad side(s). I don’t know. Strange day today.

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I find Spainach’s post to be both polite and well presented.
As a newcomer (I’ve been using CAV for about 3 weeks) but as someone who’s been roaming this forums with attention, it’s a bit off putting to see a (what I consider) constructive criticism being jailed.

Just my two cents.

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Thanks Captainsticks for the clarification.
Thanks John for the exclamation mark.

You are welcome. :slight_smile:

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If I may be so frank, I would like to make a remark on my post (seeing that it did spew an uncalled for dilemma among member(s) and moderators).

First and foremost, what this post indicates are observations and as such, commentaries are welcomed however:

  1. This post was mostly rhetorical. To agree or not to agree was merely one point. The general intention was to promote change (if and only if it is needed).
  2. I do not, by all intents and purposes, make a general statement, much worse a conclusion, that all members of this forum is a fan of comodo (of course, I am well aware that the moderators were not pertaining to me, but nonetheless, to prevent any confusion should there be any existing or will be).
  3. If I may be so bold as to propose to all readers to avoid flaming and unnecessary debates that should your statement be misunderstood (since, of course, it was your statement and therefore, what you thought it meant – regardless of what grammar and syntax dictates it means – your intention and meaning must rationally be the correct meaning, and any other meaning deviating from the intended meaning is a misunderstanding), you must be the first to understand that perhaps it is language that is causing the misunderstanding. The wisest thing to do is to rephrase your statement as you see it fit. PMing a moderator or any other person you deem knowledgeable in such concerns and asking for help in rephrasing is your best option.
  4. Despite the seemingly imposing rules of a forum, the idea of a forum does not contradict the idea of democracy or free speech in particular. The idea of free speech is to be able to voice out opinions openly. However, being a concept born out of Democracy, it must not under any circumstance limit the rights of others to free speech. It is therefore necessary that free speech be granted only to those that abide by the concept of democracy and that is to honor the RIGHTS (as opposed to freedom which is highly contradictory) of a person, including his right to uphold his dignity. Therefore, one must care not to demoralize, degrade, accuse or bear false witness to another should one wish to be granted his right to free speech.
  5. One cannot make a conclusion without making any attempt to experience what has been claimed and basing off only on comments found elsewhere. YOUR opinion is needed and not others’.

The length of my post is perhaps intimidating, but reading everything helps and is greatly appreciated.

Have a good day.