What file extensions can be used in image execution control?

I have tried *.vbs but it did not appear to work work. I assume there is a limited list of file types. If so it would be better to select types using check boxes.

I would like to control more file types such as vbs.

Are there any developers who can answer this?

image execution setting–> files to check–> add–>file groups → executables

I think that are all the executables supported…

DLL are also supported. If you add *.dll to the list it works. Is there anything else?

*.dll is included with executables.

I thought I had added it to control dll files which it does not do by default.

Anyway, the executables group does two jobs. It is in my protected files and image execution control so is it really the right list? I also remember .com being missing and I added it.