What exactly is updated from the Updater?

I just checked the updater today and it prompted me to reboot before proceeding, but I want to know what component(s) are being updated in the firewall. Can’t be one of the beta versions, can it? Or is it just the trusted applications database?


It will be application database, as no other updates have been released - as far as I am aware.

You can view the database version by going to the ‘about’ tab in the firewall. The latest version (for the beta version anyway) is 1.7.


Ok. Thanks.

I have never updated to a newer version of the firewall itself, so if there will be a newer release will there be a different prompt to distinguish from the database updates? I’d like to see some special warning prompt because firewall version updates is a major upgrade.

I’m not sure if the prompts are different, so I’m afraid I couldn’t say. I’ve never seen a prompt to update for CFP as I’ve always used the betas then gone to the stable when it was released, so sorry I cannot help you further.


I hope there will be some instructions along with the upgrade. I’m sure at least half of us will wonder if they can install over the existing version.


You should be able to install over the top of your existing version.


The new version came out? I checked the updater and nothing was there.

There is an option (on by default) where CPF protects its own registry keys and files from modification - to help protect it from attack by malware.
You can disable this by going to security>>advanced>>‘configure’(under miscellaneous section)>>then uncheck ‘Protect own registry keys and files from unauthorised modification’.


When will the new non beta version become available?

You really think so? I would anticipate an uninstall of the old, install the new, given the level of changes to the firewall; plus they’ve said with the betas you need to uninstall…

At any rate, I would anticipate that surely they would notify, or it wouldn’t come through the updater, if you would have to reinstall…


Well, betas have to be uninstalled and reinstalled either way. I always reinstall anyway to be sure, but as far as I am aware you will be able to just update.
With a previous release we were notified in advance that we had to reinstall - so I guess we will see. :wink: