What exactly is:"Predefined Firewall Policies" and where do I find it? [Solved]

I have installed the free version of COMODO firewall v.2.4.
I want to configure it so that emule will be able to connect, high ID and happy up/downloads.

In this forum I read what seems to be a nicely written step-by-step tutorial by Pandlouk which explains exactly how to do this task. But in the first part of the tutorial, it says this:

1. Go to : Firewall -> Advanced -> Attack Detection Settings -> Miscellanous and disable Do Protocol analysis
  1. Go to : Firewall → Advanced → Predefined Firewall Policies and select Add…

Give a name at the new Predifined Policy for example: Emule

I searched my COMODO firewall program everywhere for something called Predefined Firewall Policies but couldn’t find it. Can someone please point it out to me, or if this function has changed its name… does anyone know what its called now?

Here is a link to the thread I found started by Pandlouk: https://forums.comodo.com/frequently_asked_questions_faq_for_comodo_firewall/tutorial_for_emule_with_comodo_firewall_3-t14735.0.html

Thanks O0

Hi adifrank

Sorry, but Predefined Firewall Policies is something that CFP 3 has rather than CFP 2.4. Pand’s 2.4 emule/torrent FAQ is here… or, of course, depending on what OS you have, you could try Version 3.

Hello kail, thanks for answering.

Here’s a screenshot of my CFP’s ‘about’ page:

I’m running Windows XP pro.

Am I running version 2 or 3? Not so clear to me. On one hand it says version 2.4…
On the other hand says: Certified Applications Data Base Version: 3

okay… i think i found the answer myself. somehow i downloaded the installation file for v2.4. i just downloaded v3 now. will install and let you know if all is well. thanx (:NRD)

OK, no problem. Sorry, I should have posted a link to CFP 3. :slight_smile:

Installed v.3
Found “Predefined Firewall Policies”
All is good.